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Le Silo, 2006 - 3.27830

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: Japan
Format: FLAC
Size: 309 Mb

1. Clucking. 0:07
2. Fascinating travel to Hawaii. 5:15
3. Behavior of the dog. 3:47
4. Make sure not to disturb me by knocking the door on Sunday afternoon (Call Knock for short). 6:37
5. Alternative Le Silo 1 (improvisation). 1:09
6. Numazapa 2. 4:52
7. Le'xture. 5:02
8. Dancing snake. 9:05
9. Alternative Le Silo 2 (improvisation). 0:51
10. A abandoned town. 9:18
11. Reminding me of Osaka. 7:16
12. Alternative Le Silo 3 (improvisation). 0:19

Total Time: 53:38

Miyako Kanazawa: piano, voice
Michiaki Suganuma: drums, voice, rap
Yoshiharu Izutsu: guitars, voice, basspianica

Второй альбом еще одного безумного проекта великого японского не только барабанщика, но и импровизатора и просто отличного парня Йосиды Тацуя. Точнее, тут-то он, конечно, не играет, а исполняет роль продюсера, но влияние некоторых других его проектов на Le Silo очевидно. Le Silo – это очень мощное, злое и даже где-то яростное трио клавишных, барабанов и гитары. В своей музыке они нахально и уверенно умудряются сочетать и гармоническую остроту и колючесть авант-рока классического образца (камерно-роковые и авант-джазовые ориентиры для них важны в одинаковой степени) с непредсказуемостью хард-коровых рваных ритмов. Впрочем, группа вообще непредсказуема. Казалось бы, вот только что они устраивали погромы и дебоши, а вот они уже или едко чего-то там выкрикивают на фоне невероятных сюрреалистических музыкальных полотен или вообще, что самое страшное, начинают исполнять очень красивые и завораживающие вещи. Страшно то, что невозможно насладиться подобным очарованием в полной мере, так как подсознательно ждешь от них какого-либо подвоха и, иногда, ждешь не напрасно. Иными словами, если еще кто-то не догадался, это музыка для тех, кто не любит скучать, но и не боится самого откровенного и смелого авант-рока, хотя тут он и весьма очеловечен. Этакий жуткий сон из прибредившихся одновременно призраков Ruins, Univers Zero и Magma.

ЭТО полный КАПЕЦ!!!

Review Album:
This is the second work by three flexible soundmasters, playing as if they could jump toward another (outer) world. I guess they should play just as they could think and feel at that time...we can feel their pleasant feelings deeply. Be remarkably amazed that they could play more heavily, more powerfully, and more completely. One of the important points is, I think, they should be absolutely natural to play and sing, without any awkwardness or artifice. Therefore we may accept such an avantgarde stuffs...yep at least I do feel so. Anyway, look at the back of the sleeve. What smiley smiles they have...with full of pleasure!
At Clucking, two roosters and a hen named LE SILO might hand the work over to three dogs named LE SILO. :-P Three dogs enjoy Fascinating Travel To Hawaii with fascinating plays and titters. Ah feeling exotic flavour in Hawaii, and the flavour can let them be purely childlike on the warm sea. For lots of Japanese, travel to Hawaii is a fantastic dream. Their dream may come true and this song can be born...in this album. Next track can show three dogs playing with each other...exactly Behavior Of The Dogs. Miyako's piano is as heavy (playing also bass part) as usual and the battle (ah, no hostility) between Michiaki's drums and Yoshiharu's guitars is terrific. Make Sure Not To Disturb Me By Knocking The Door On Sunday Afternoon (Call Knock For Short)'s sounds should be just the same as the title itself! :-) Can you feel you understand them clearly...really? Hahhaha, I dunno. Indeed I may be angry (like the song) if you wake me up in the Sunday afternoon. Honestly. Numazapa 2 is a song with impressive and graceful piano sounds, and heavy and strong trio like espresso coffee. This instability or inconstancy is comfortable for me. An experimental rap music is Le*xture...for all musical genres fans...hip hop, heavy rock, metal, classic & jazz, and of course progressive rock fans! Even in this song each member can fully enjoy. Great! Dancing Snake and A Abandoned Town again can remind us their flexibility and sharp vision. Well can we see in our mind a dancing snake without any explanation or annotation? :-D And can we feel the loneliness and sadness in our mind town? :-D Must laugh out loud listening to 94k2 - Reminding Me Of Osaka! Ah, sorry...because I'm really an Osakan man. For them, born and living in Tokyo, Osaka should be ANOTHER WORLD, I suppose. They show the eccentricity of Osaka with a food named KUSHIKATSU - a broiled cutlet on a skewer. Oh I see...I guess they be amazed and shocked at Osaka atmosphere and humanity...the shocks should get to be their shout in the track. (On the contrary, I, an Osakan guy, should NOT be surprised at Tokyo itself...hahhaha, just kidding. :-P ) About interesting songs I wanna say: In Alternative Le Silo 1~3 each exchanges his/her instrument and plays as he/she wants to. Their funky and freaky acts are really warm and wonderful!
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