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Le Silo, 2004 - 8.8

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: Japan
Format: FLAC
Size: 413 Mb

1. Le Soleil. 3.54
2. Enormous Trees With the Holy Spirits #1. 2:23
3. Oiseaux. 9:41
4. The Doctor's Helicopter. 3:12
5. Le Silo. 6:40
6. Numazapa. 1:43
7. On a Magic Carpet Ride. 4:08
8. The Hard Metallic Pigeon. 9:35
9. Turkish... 5.27
10. Enormous Trees With the Holy Spirits #2. 1:56
11. Twisting Waist. 5:42
12. Pendule de la Vie. 5:41

Total Time: 60:00

Miyako Kanazawa: piano, voice
Yoshiharu Izutsu: guitar, voice
Michiaki Suganuma: drums, voice

Guest musician:
Tatsuya Yoshida: voice (5 & 11)

Composed by Miyako Kanazawa (tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10,11)
by Yoshiharu Izutsu (tracks 3,12) and Michiaki Suganuma (track 6)

Produced + Mixed + Mastered by Tatsuya Yoshida
Artist Management by Akiko Nagai (TUTINOKO Label)
Photo & Designed by Shuya Kawaoku (TUTINOKO Label)
Illustration by Miyako Kanazawa
Re-Mastered by Hirokazu Fukushima
All arrangements by Le Silo

Le Silo biography:
Le Silo, are a 3-piece band from Japan, that play a widely influenced blend of demanding prog rock, which mostly takes the form of RIO and avant-jazz, with punk-rock stylistics, which is not only captivating, but well played. By no means is their sound entirely original, but the musicianship is of a high quality and they do indeed have some very excellent and surprising moments too. Their punk stylistics are evident and with Miyako's links to Yoshida Tatsuya, then it is obvious they are influenced by Ruins and Koenjihyakkei and most likely Boredoms and Happy Family as well. Non-Japanese bands they are likely influenced by, include Univers Zero, Present, French TV, Samla Mammas Manna and Miriodor. Originally starting life as Miyako (presumably named after Miyako Kanazawa), a punk orientated band; they eventually changed their style and their name to Le Silo, (some of their tracks have French titles too), presumably in honour of the French and Belgian bands that most likely influenced them. The members of the band - Yoshiharu Izutsu (guitar and voice); Michiaki Suganuma (drums and voice) and Miyako Kanizawa (piano) - released their debut album "8.8" in 2004 on the Tutinoko label in Japan. Miyako is also a member of Koenjihyakkei (keyboards and voice) alongside Ruins and Daimonji drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, who also produced "8.8".
If you enjoy the Japanese avant-prog scene and bands such as Ruins and Koenjihyakkei, you'll enjoy Le Silo. If you enjoy bands such as Univers Zero, Present, Sammla Mannas Manna, Guapo, Ahvak and Absolute Zero, you'll also likely enjoy Le Silo. Also liking zeuhl will help you with your chances of liking them also. They are definitely recommended for those who want something different to the norm.

Review Album:
Avant Garde trio Le Silo arrived in 2004 with '8.8' and revealed a phenom of a band, supporting the mounting evidence that Japan has not only fully arrived as a progressive player but is at the forefront of what Prog does best; taking a path through underexplored territory. Painfully complex and generating a constant flow of top-notch dissonance and steep angles, Miyako Kanazawa's piano mastery, Michiaki Suganuma's fierce skins and Yoshiharu Izutsu's screeching guitar somehow bring chaos together with order in a most East meets West way. Precise flurries, spontaneous eruptions and plenty of magic, all on hand here.
Suganuma's cowbell signals the opener 'Soleil', a dizzying intro to these three maestros' music which will either immediately excite or alienate you to this extraordinary band-- beautiful, silky 20th Century classical rubs elbows with Leonard Berstein, George Gershwin, and some madman rock fusion. It gives way to 'Enormous Trees With the Holy Spirit', a marvel of timing and arrangement. 'Oseaux' is even more challenging with headsplitting direction changes and intense free-mania. 'The Doctor's Helicopter' is dramatic and recalls Keith Emerson's pomp with Rachmaninoff's class. In fact, all the cuts on this album are brilliant examples of what these artists are doing and is yet another jewel in the Rising Sun's prog crown. One of the best records of 2004.
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