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Idiot Flesh, 1994 - The Nothing Show

Добавил vp_1974 13.06.2011 в 23:29
Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: United States
Format: Lossless / FLAC (log + cue)
Size: 152 mb + 148 mb

1. The Nothing Show. 2:52
2. Almost Nothing. 6:23
3. Invisible. 7:07
4. Midnight at the Zipper Factory. 2:18
5. Not My Song. 4:07
6. Mouth. 13:33
7. Puppet Theater. 0:47
8. Meat. 5:35
9. The Man Who Liked Zombies. 1:35
10. Loveride. 4:53
11. Tequila. 0:53
12. Black Sand. 6:34
13. Blue Head. 10:14
Total Time: 66:51
Chuck Squier: drums, inflatable suits, giant heads, song wheel & much more
Gene Jun: guitar, violin, percussion, percussion guitar, fight with a folding chair in a parking garage, crinkling bag, fruit, ripping tape, saw blades, sleigh bells, bargooma!, beef glutton, singing
Dan Rathbun: bass, cello, trombone, cutting foam, megaphone, singing
Wes Anderson: drums, pan lids, spinning rims, trashcan, ashtray, skillet, drums army, singing
Nils Frykdahl: guitar, flute (ad nauseum), saxophone, insect guitar, percussion-duct, mic, stand, watering can, singing
Guest musicians:
Rance Mannion: rolling stick (1)
Brad Caswell: punch (7)
Tom Yoder: tin horn (13)
Jewlia Eisenberg, Kris Langan, Mantra: The Heavenly Choir (8)
Review Album:
I had the pleasure of seeing this band live several times, the core of which later became "Sleepytime Gorilla Museum". Whether you enjoyed their music or not, one could not help but be entertained by the stage show. Much time was spent designing crazy, elaborate customs with huge heads and hands, giving them a sinister cartoonish appearance as they played.
'The Nothing Show' is the only CD I ended up with from these fellows. The musical core was drums, guitar and bass. But all of the members had an additional piece of percussion. And the bass and guitar was played in anything but a conventional manner. Most of the bass was played on a bizarre contraption not copmpletely unlike an acoustic upright, except it sat on a platform and had a quite unique sound. One of the guitars was played with drumsticks. Yes, this was the essence of Rock in Opposition. Aggressive and frequently dissonent, the music never lacks complexity.
The first 5 songs flow together and were originally part of an EP cassette. Ever percussive and interesting, the standout portion is 'Invisible' which sounds like somebody mugged 'We will rock you' and left it for dead in a dark alley (something I would love to do). 'Mouth' is an almost Vaudevillian number. 'Meat' is a staccatto dissonent number. 'Loveride', a heavy metal ode to domestic violence starts with a very eerie Eartha Kitt like rendition of 'Amazing Grace'. 'Black Sand' is hard to describe. Its um...good. 'Blue Head' is perhaps their most traditionally prog sounding song, huge vocal harmony chorus with abrupt stops and changes. "Submit! To the cavernous yield of the Blue Head!"

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avdeyevip Спам
16.06.2011 в 21:52 | материал
жалость-то какая! вторая часть на народе - тю-тю:(
Slavonn Спам
16.06.2011 в 23:31 | материал
жалость-то какая! вторая часть на народе - тю-тю:(

Да вроде все нормально, все качается вторая часть в Ссылка 1
avdeyevip Спам
17.06.2011 в 20:59 | материал
заработало! а два дня выдавало "нот фаунд".
и, конечно же, спасибо за это симпатичнейшее "подполье" середины 90-х. мистер бангл, все же, более непогрешимо-мэйджорный проект. ну, к тому обязывала и успевшая оформиться практически скрижальная слава паттона, и отточенный продюсинг зорна. а в случае "идиот флэш"?.. что с них, идиотов, взять?.. кроме животного удовольствия:)

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