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Rascal Reporters, 2001 - The Foul-Tempered Clavier

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: United States
Format: MP3 / CBR, 320 kbs
Size: 1142 mb

1. The White Bloodsheets. 2:15
2. Seven Is A Long Time. 2:22
3. Shoe Salad. 3:10
4. Efrem Cymbalist, Jr. 4:36
5. R.D.S. 2:32
6. Steve Kretzmer. 5:43
7. Klezmer's Ragu. 2:23
8. Son Of Steve Kretzmer. 5:12
9. The Cymbalist. 9:40
10. Sarahbella. 5:47
11. Prisms. 2:25
12. Tomorrow. 4:00

Bonus tracks:

13. My Name. 0:55
14. Ricky And His Dad. 1:40
15. Fresh Leather And Poultry Mix. 5:30
16. Over Triangle. 3:32

Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer: keyboards, drums, percussion, melodica, clarinet, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mellotron, voices

Guest Musician:
Dave Newhouse: saxophones, bass clarinet, flutes

Rascal Reporters biography
Biography taken from the band's website:
"From the ashes of "Raw Meat" (an earlier, "rock/noise" 2-man group, with musicians Steve Gore, and David Johnson; operating during the late 1960's/early '70's), rose the Rascal Reporters in 1974. Steve Gore remained; David Johnson was replaced by Gore's high school buddy, Steve Kretzmer. Both musicians shared similar interests in life and music, both were composers and musicians, and both just happened to play keyboards and drums. A perfect musical union was formed that continues to this day, and beyond.Both Steve's were born in 1958 and raised in suburban Detroit (Oak Park, Ml). Both Steve's are left-handed. During the years 1975 and 1976, the group literally were writing and recording one song per day, everyday, throughout both years. A 12-CD box-set of unreleased music could be culled just from these two years alone. Steve Gore, renowned for never erasing any piece of music from any tape at any time or any year, is largely responsible for the existence of the 30-year "bottomless" tape vault known as the "RRkives."The first attempt to "go public" was in 1978, with a planned 45rpm picture-sleeve release, "My Name"/"Ricky And His Dad." The release was cancelled due to lack of funding, though the two songs will appear on the "Rascalities 1974-1999" 12-CD box set, to be discussed further on.Public exposure finally came in 1980, when Archie Patterson of Eurock then based in California, released the Rascal Reporters' full-length "cassette album," "Freaks Obscure" to the world. This was one of Eurock's very first releases in the relatively new era of "group self-produced albums on cassette." This was immediately followed-up with "We're God," also a Eurock cassette release, and also issued in 1980. These two releases established a small, but strong world-wide cult following for the band. People suddenly wanted to hear more of this strange, bizarre, often obscene ("Freaks Obscure"), though definitely rooted in the British Progressive Rock movement of the late 70's, Rascal Reporter music. The group complied, issuing a 45rpm single in 1981, and a Landmark LP in 1984, "Ridin' On A Bummer," which boasted guests Fred Frith, and Tim Hodgkinson; their first reuniting since the break-up of their group, Henry Cow, in 1978. The Reporters' popularity increased greatly after this release. The Rascal Reporters' legacy was permanently cemented in 1988, when they released their "masterwork," "Happy Accidents" LP. The musicians th...Biography taken from the band's website:

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