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Harlequin Mass, 1978 - Harlequin Mass

Добавил Viktorino 17.01.2022 в 12:55
Style: Symphonic Prog
Country: United States
Format: FLAC
Size: 343 Mb

Artwork Included
Track Listings:
1. Introit (A Mass for the Harlequin) (3:16)
2. Love & Death (7:36)
3. One Step Home (7:33)
4. Space Cats (1:04)
5. Loss of a Friend (3:50)
6. A New Song (4:20)
7. Sky Caller (10:44)
Bonus tracks (as Stubborn Puppet)
8. My Place (3:20)
9. Meantime (4:06)
10. Fabulous Angel (4:07)
11. Jeopardy (4:00)
Line-up / Musicians:
- Lyle Holdahl / bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, string ensemble, synthesizer, piano, organ, bass synthesizer, flute, percussion, lead and background vocals
- Nancy Deaver (Nancy Kaye) / lead vocals, background vocals, bass synthesizer
- John Reagan / drums, percussion, background vocals
- Jeff Pike / lead electric guitar, classical and acoustic guitars, piano, synthesizer, saxophone, clarinet, background vocals
Guest musicians:
- Collin Heade / cello and 'special' guitar on "One Step Home"
- Rob Metcalfe / synthesizer programming and special effects
- Mark Reagan / snare drum and 2nd hand cymbals on "Space Cats"

Password: music

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Viktorino Спам
18.05.2011 в 02:10 | материал
М"який симфопрог у стилі Starcastle
Випустили один альбом, в бонусах - твори початку 1980-х років проекту Stubborn Puppet, де виступали лідери Harlequin Mass
HARLEQUIN MASS were largely influenced by progressive bands such as the MOODY BLUES, YES, and GENESIS. The band has pointed to the release of 'Close to the Edge' as the pivotal moment in the maturation of their sound, and their sound has been compared to a folk-influenced version of YES and ELP.

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