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Happy Family, 1995 - Happy Family

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog / Zeuhl
Country: Japan
Format: FLAC
Size: 386 Mb

Artwork Included

1. Rock & Young. 6:40
2. Shige Et Osanna. 4:53
3. Partei. 7:06
4. Rolling the Law Court. 4:55
5. Kaiten (Ningen Gyorai). 8:24
6. Naked King. 19:04
7. Drums Whisper Spacy. 1:33

Total Time: 64:08

Kenichi Morimoto: keyboards
Tatsuya Myano: bass
Shigeru Makino: guitar
Keiichi Nagase: drums

Fans of KING CRIMSON, UNIVERS ZERO and MAGMA, pay attention: HAPPY FAMILY* is one of the best bands currently happening in Japan right now. Furious riffing, noisy angular drumming, intense energy and top-notch musicianship is what they’re about. Their guitar work is in the vein or Robert Fripp; the keyboards recall either UNIVERS ZERO or MAGMA (depending on what passages you’re hearing); the fretless bass work will no doubt remind you of the MAGMA/Zeuhl fusion sound; and the drumming will instantly recall Bill Bruford or Daniel Denis of UNIVERS ZERO. Throw in a bit of heavy metal, some Japanese goofiness and you’re in for quite a sonic ride.
Although they have released three cassettes in the early 90s (now out of print), the two following cd’s are the only material available on the market: the eponymous "Happy Family” (95) and "Toscco” (97). The first features quirky and ultra-complicated themes and rhythms, yet the band never loses a step – even when they seem to get sloppy, it sounds deliberate and under control. On the grittier "Toscco” the band plays with more confidence still, although the music seems to have lost all traces of heavy metal (perhaps due to the presence of a new guitarist) and to concentrate on distilling the original aspects of the first album. Actually, hardly any traces of MAGMA or zeuhl remain on this one, replaced by a Zappa-like jazziness. This is amphetamine-driven music that demands your full attention. It takes a while to sink in but if you like being confounded by chaotic intensity, the trip is worth every penny you’ll pay for these babies.
The first album is highly recommended to fans of KING CRIMSON, UNIVERS ZERO and MAGMA whereas the second is more likely to appeal to fans of TIPOGRAPHICA, DR. NERVE or IL BERLIONE.
Password: music

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Link 1 - Hitfile
Link 2 - Wayupload

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Stepan Спам
26.07.2012 в 12:40 | материал - Ответить
шикарний альбом!
дуже дякую!
серйзна складна і талановита робота!
всім рекомендую!
vp_1974 Спам
26.07.2012 в 18:04 | материал - Ответить
Степ '97 еще интересней!

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