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Else Marie Pade, 2002 - Face It

Добавил санди 16.07.2018 в 10:32
Style: Experimental
Country: Denmark
Format: mp3 / 192 kbps
Size: 96,5 Mb

Tracks Listing:
1. Symphonie Magnetophonique 19.28
2. The Little Mermaid 42.54
3. Face It 7.58

Line Up:
Else Marie Pede - all instruments, voices, tape
Password: music

The Main Link - Turbobit
Link 1 - Hitfile
Link 2 - Wayupload

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санди Спам
31.05.2011 в 21:38 | материал - Ответить
More from the Danish queen of the tape, this one differing rather significantly from Et Glasperlespil in its more pronounced use of concrète elements and the near-presence of a narrative. Three pieces here, the first, "Symphonie Magnétophonique", an absolutely outrageous tape collage from 1958, following closely on the tails of her introductory tape piece "Syv Circler" (as found on Et Glasperlespil). Following are a pair of text-sound pieces: the whimsical, forty-three minute (!!!) adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Mermaid", also from 1958, and her 1970 titular piece, a bizarre anti-Nixon march bearing shades of Åke Hodell. Really a blue ribbon showing through and through. Waiting patiently for more of her material to fall from the sky.
санди Спам
31.05.2011 в 21:55 | материал - Ответить
Здесь записи 1958 и 1970 гг от Else Marie Pade, которая в своём роде была одной из первых эксперементаторов такого рода. Теперь вы можете понять, откуда взяты идеи Битлз для Revolution 9, а у Pink Floyd куски записи в Ummagumma.
Второй трек на этой записи - сказка Андерсена "Русалочка" записанная способом Else Marie Pade.

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