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Diamond Head, 1980 - Lightning To The Nations [LP]

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Style: Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Format: WAV
Size: 421 Mb

Artwork Included

Privat Press UK LP Not On Label

Tracks Listing:
A1 Lightning To The Nations 4:15
A2 The Prince 6:27
A3 Sucking My Love 9:35
B1 Am I Evil 7:39
B2 Sweet And Innocent 3:13
B3 It's Electric 3:37
B4 Helpless 6:52

Companies etc.
Recorded at Old Smithy Studios, Worcester

Bass - Colin Kimberley
Drums - Duncan Scott
Engineer - Paul Robbins
Guitar - Brain Tatler
Keyboards - Paul Robbins
Produced - Diamond Heads
Producer – Reg Fellows
Vocals - Sean Harris
Written - Harris / Tatler

Firstpress with neutral white sleeve and white labels, 1000 copies made.
Initially simply dubbed as an untitled "Special Limited Edition LP" on flyers which later became the title "The White Album". Shortly after the firstpress a repress of 2000 copies with printed labels followed due to high demand, this time under the band's own "Happy Face Records" label, with the title "Lightning to the Nations", which became the final official title for this album. A professional LP release with remastered sound and full colour sleeve followed by the german label Woolfe Records in 1981. Unfortunately the original master tape got lost after the remastering process, which is why all later pressings were taken from a vinyl source.

Both self released LP versions were signed by band members (ca. 250 copies for each band member), however some copies happen to be dedicated and/or signed by the whole band. Also some copies feature a handwritten track list info on the sleeve and/or labels.

Password: music

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