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Tim Bowness, 2015 - Stupid Things That Mean The World

Добавил recluse 17.07.2015 в 14:56
Style:Crossover Prog
Country:United Kingdom
Format:mp3/320 kbps
Size:98,2 Mb

1.The Great Electric Teenage Dream 03:58
2.Sing To Me 05:46
3.Where You've Always Been 04:07
4.Stupid Things That Mean The World 03:05
5.Know That You Were Loved 06:44
6.Press Reset 03:54
7.All These Escapes 03:06
8.Everything You're Not 03:40
9.Everything But You 01:12
10.Soft William 01:40
11.At The End Of The Holiday 04:58

Total Time: 00:42:14

Released 17 July 2015.

Line-up / Musicians

- Tim Bowness / vocals, keyboards, guitar, programming
- Stephen Bennett / keyboards, programming, choir arrangement
- Andrew Keeling / string arrangements
- Michael Bearpark / guitar, guitar solos
- Colin Edwin / fretless bass, double bass
- Peter Hammill / instruments, vocals
- Phil Manzanera / guitar, vocals, keyboards
- Pat Mastelotto / drums
- Anna Phoebe / violin
- David Rhodes / guitar
- Rhys Marsh / instruments

Releases information

July 17, 2015

Label: Burning Shed
Format: 2CD Media-book edition featuring a companion disc of alternate mixes and demos (including an unreleased no-man demo from 1994), a very limited edition, hand-numbered transparent vinyl LP with CD, and a black vinyl LP with CD (both LP's in gatefold cover).

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17.07.2015 в 14:56 | материал - Ответить
Бонуса диска, на котором альтернативные версии и демки 1994 г., в сети пока что нет.
Что же данного альбома. Хоть я не большой любитель No Man, но этот диск понравился.
17.07.2015 в 21:58 | материал - Ответить
Спасибо, Валера. С удовольствием заценю. Вокал Боунесса очень интересен и необычен. Да и знатные гости присутствуют.

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