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Spur, 1968 - Spur of the Moments [LP]

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Style: Psychedelic Rock / Proto Prog
Country: United States
Format: FLAC
Size:   269 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
A1 – Mind Odyssey 2:37
A2 – Mr. Creep 2:10
A3 – Tribal Gathering/We Don't Want To Know 14:10
A4 – Modern Era 2:14
B1 – Time Is Now 4:11
B2 – Be Tender, My Love 2:41
B3 – You Could Help Me Ease The Pain 2:14
B4 – All Over The World 3:03
B5 – Help Me I'm Falling 4:26
B6 – Eight Days A Week 2:40
B7 – Yield Not 2:27

Line Up:
Keyboards, Guitar [6-String], Twelve-String Guitar [Lead] – Ed Kalotek
Percussion, Drums – Stix Maxwell
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Stan Bratzke
Vocals, Bass – Rick Willard
Vocals, Lead Guitar [6-String] – Jimmy Fey
Lead Vocals – Rick* (Tracks A2, A3,B3,B4,B6,B7)
Lead Vocals – Jimmy* (track A3)
Lead Vocals – Ed* (tracks B1,B2)
Lead Vocals – Stan* (track B5)

Tracks A1, B2, and B3 are from the original 'Spur of the Moment' LP recorded from November 1967 to January 1968 at Cinema Sound Studios in Belleville, IL, and released in February 1968.
Tracks A2, A3 (pt. 2), B1, and B5 recorded in 1972 at Key Charisma Studios, Milwaukee, WI - from demo acetates.
Tracks A3 (pt. 1) and B6 recorded in 1969 at Cinema Sound Studios - from demo acetates.
Track A4 recorded by the Unknowns in 1966 at Metrosonic Studios in St. Louis, MO - from 7" single.
Track B4 recorded by the Unknowns in 1967 at Technisonic in St. Louis, MO - from 7" single.
Track B7 recorded in 1969 at RCA Victor Studio B in Chicago IL - from demo acetate.

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