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Shub-Niggurath, 2009 - Introduction

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog / Zeuhl
Country: France
Format: Lossless / FLAC (log + cue)
Size: 243Mb

1. Yog-Sothoth. 11:33
2. Entresol. 5:52
3. Introduction. 3:19
4. Barback. 15:15
5. In Memoriam. 5:24

Total Time: 41:15


Franck William Fromy: guitars, percussion
Franck Coulaud: drums
Allain Ballaud: bass
Jean-Luc Herve: harmonium, piano
Ann Stewart: vocals
Veronique Verdier: trombone

Shub-Niggurath biography:
SHUB-NIGGURATH was formed  in 1983 and consisted of six musicians: Allan Ballaud on bass, percussionist Franck Coulaud, Frank Fromy on guitar and percussion, Jean-Luc Herve on harmonium, piano and organ, vocalist Ann Stewart, and a trombone/bass player Veronuque Verdier. The band released their first untitled demo on 1985 and got good feedback from critics. The promising debut album, "Les Morts Von Vite", was released on Musea label in 1987. The album received good reviews and is their finest moment: it caught the band at the peak of their creativity. Musea reissued this album on CD in 1997, including two rare bonus tracks. The debut sold well and later, in 87, SHUB NIGGURATH's song appeared on Musea's Zeuhl compilation "Enneade", a tribute to the legacy of Magma. After its release, Franck Couland left into jazz, as did Franc Fromy. Jean-Luc Herve, being a guitarist, took Fromy's spot. In 1988, SHUB-NIGGURATH collaborated with SLEASE ART on a compilation called "Dithrambe". 1989 brought another compilation, "Douze Pour In 2" followed by a live tape with the new line up: Allan Ballaud on bass, Jean-Luc Herve on electric guitar, Veronuque Verdier on bass trombone and percussions, two singers Sylvette Claudet and Jean-Pierre Lourdeau, and the drummer Michel Kervinio. Some members vhanged instruments, which displays the musical versatility of the band. A second studio album was released on CD in 1991, called "C'etaient De Tres Grands Vents" on Musea label. It was released by the same lineup except a new percussionist, Edward Perraud, was added and Jean Pierre left the band to become a painter. Since then, the band has toured around Paris playing for small audiences. In 1995 bassist Allan Ballaud died of cancer. They made a comeback in 2003 with the third album "Testament". At this point the band consists of four people: - Jean Luc Herve on guitar, Veronique Verdier on trombone, bassist Alain Ballaud and drummer Edward Perraud.

SHUB-NIGGURATH's best album is the debut, and it's also the best place to start exploring their music. However, their career has been fairly consistent and the other two albums are quality efforts.

If you like dark, brooding mix of RIO and Zeuhl you will like SHUB-NIGGURATH. their avant-ish dark prog with a sharp edge is both unique and challenging.

Review Album:
This was a real find for myself and i have to thank Torrod for his interview with one of the members for that.According to the liner notes SHUB NIGGURATH used this recording(in cassette form) in preperation for the tour they were going out on in 1982. Udi Koomran(who else?) did the transfert and mastering and he did an amazing job as usual.So this is where it started for the band.It's the same lineup that was on the legendary "Les Morts Vont Vite" an album i always play at Halloween.And while this particular cd isn't as dark or as intense as "Les Morts..." believe me there is plenty of darkness and tension.It's very similar in style in fact.Actually the opening track here also appears on "Les Morts..." Piano is ever-present on this album and we also get lots of harmonium and trombone.And of course bass,drums and guitar.Can't forget about Ann's vocal melodies either.They provide an often haunting element.All the tracks were composed by either the piano player or the guitarist. "Yog-Sothoth" opens with faint sounds that almost hum. The piano around a minute is sparse.It kicks in with power before 2 1/2 minutes including female vocal melodies. It's eerie 4 minutes in then a calm arrives after 5 minutes but it doesn't last long.It's back though 6 minutes in as we get a dark atmosphere.An almost frightening outburst of sound follows then guitar.Female vocal melodies are next.Haunting stuff. "Entreasol" has this ominous and dark presence to start.It kicks in after a minute.Piano and drums lead the way.Trombone after 4 1/2 minutes. "Introduction" opens with screams and yelling followed by piano and vocal melodies.Sparse drums join in too.It ends with drums only. "Barback" opens with piano,cymbals and trombone all in a reserved manner.Vocal melodies become prominant 3 1/2 minutes in then the music picks up 4 minutes in.It settles back again then builds with a solid beat and chunky bass.It settles before 7 minutes to an eerie soundscape then kicks back in a minute later with power.The guitar is raw and discordant.Vocal melodies and dissonant trombone before 11 1/2 minutes.Just an incredible display. "In Memoriam" features trombone and piano in a dark setting.Vocal melodies before a minute.it settles before 2 minutes then picks up again. I'm so impressed with this album,it's even better than i thought it was going to be.A must for fans of their "Les Morts Vont Vite" album

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Тем кто без ума от работ таких групп как Present, Univers Zero - качать не задумываясь!

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