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Ring Van Möbius, 2023 - Commissioned Works Pt.II - Six Drops Of Poison

Добавил recluse 04.07.2024 в 06:21
Style: Symphonic Prog
Country:  Norway
Format: Flac
Size: 254 Mb

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. The 1st Chapter: Elements, including a) In Awe, b) The Portrait (3:38)
2. The 2nd Chapter: The Fire (pt I) (1:27)
3. The 3rd Chapter: Moments and Movements, including a) The Questioning, b) Circles & Crosses, c) The Drifting (pt I) (6:37)
4. The 4th Chapter: Through Oceans of Glass (1:09)
5. The 5th Chapter: When Man Becomes Wolf (3:15)
6. The 6th Chapter: Hex (3:58)
7. The 7th Chapter: An Ending, including a) The Transfer, b) The Knife (2:39)
8. The 8th Chapter: A Darker Poison, including a) The Dawn, b) Colossal (2:46)
9. The 9th Chapter: The Echoes, including a) The Drifting (pt II), b) Directions (4:41)
10. The 10th Chapter: Paradoxal Fate, including a) The Eyes, b) The Drifting (pt III), c) The Cosmic Hour (5:13)
11. The 11th Chapter: The Nine, including a) The Fire (pt II), b) A Nonagon in Eight (3:27)
12. The 12th Chapter: The Conclusion, including a) Astray, b) The Finale (5:42)

Total Time 44:32

Line-up / Musicians
- Thor Erik Helgesen / Spectral Modular Synthesis System, Hammond L100, Steinway grand piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Yamaha upright piano, Mellotron, lead & backing vocals
- Dag Olav Husås / tubular bells, timpani, chimes, drums, glockenspiel, gong, cymbals, backing vocals
- Håvard Rasmussen / Danelectro Doubleneck 6-string bass, 12-string baritone guitar, Space Echo, Ring Modulator
Password: music

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04.08.2023 в 15:25 | материал
Для мене цей альбом - поки що один із найкращих (якщо не найкращий) альбомів цього року. Тому подаю його у високій якості.

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