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Plus, 1969 - The Seven Deadly Sins

Добавил recluse 28.12.2022 в 06:30
Style: Hard Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Сountry: United States
Format: APE
Size: 213 Mb

Artwork included

Track listing
1.Introit: Twenty Thousand People 3:20
2.Gloria in Exelsis: Toccata 2:36
3.Avarice: Daddy's Thing 2:25
4.Pride: Pride 2:55
5.Sloth: Open Up Your Eyes 3:00
6.Wrath: Gemegemera 3:05
7.The Secrets: Devil's Hymn 3:34
8.Lust: Maybe You're the Same 2:33
9.Envy: I'm Talking as a Friend 4:10
10. Gluttony: Something to Threaten Your Family 2:51
11. The Dismissal: Twenty Thousand People 3:38

Bass – Max Simms
Drums – Mike Newman
Guitar – Tony Newman

Password: music

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04.08.2014 в 23:30 | материал
Вот одно ревью этого альбома:
"One of the best Hard Rock Prog, items of the late sixties (1969). One of the most world underrated bands. Excellent, amazing, original. You can find in this album Queen hard rock style, Black Sabbath doom Rock style, Symphony Rock, Doom, Prog., ballads. Incredible. A real, real pioneers of last sixties and early seventies Hard Rock. A must have masterwork!".

Я б не сказал, что это шедевр, но очень необычный и новаторский альбом на християнскую тематику. Трудно даже подыскать ему аналог, сколько здесь всего намешано.  smile

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