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New Discipline, 1994 - Live in Regensburg

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Style: Heavy Prog
Country: Georgia
Format: mp3 / 320 kbps
Size:  139 Mb

Tracks Listing:
1. Intro 8:12
2. Fascination 7:14
3. Our Story 6:44
4. Dancing Of The Leaf 4:37
5. Город Золотой 3:38
6. Walking Down 4:48
7. Cage 4:37
8. A Mob Of Crazy Butchers 7:36
9. Beneath The Sky and The Land 5:44
10. Jam 1:26
11. Sometimes 6:00

Line Up:
Serge Davidov · Voc · Guitar · Key
Vadim Chernyshev · Bass
Nugzar Phantsulaya · Guitar
Edo Davidov · Drums
Robert Nersesov · Keyboards
Dato Aduashvili · Percussion
Juri Makarov · Violin · Voc
Alex Gegeshvili † · Sax
Dima Demchinski † · Lyrics

Password: music

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05.05.2016 в 21:03 | материал
There is really little info about Russian-speaking musicians of the Georgian alternative music scene, although they were responsible for
some quite ambitious projects in the eighties. For example,
hard-rocking Kapkan left an album and a very extensive archival recorded catalogue throughout their existence (1978-1989); and Ili (1983-1993) is perhaps chronologically first Georgian post-punk / art-punk band, that recorded quite an extensive discography.
New Discipline, established in the late eighties, related with Ili by the guitar player, Nugzar Pantsulaia, was yet another band from the “Russian sector”. Their recorded output
was a bit apart from what was happening on Georgian alternative scene at
that moment – they recorded their first. very long. album “Never Try”, entirely sung in English, that stood in-between Ili’s garage art-punk and rhythmic, synth-driven new wave.

Their second album was recorded on November 26, 1994, during the concert in Regensburg, Germany. (Btw, a couple of other Georgian bands
also tried to export their music to Germany at those times – e.g. Soft Eject, Adio). No surprise that this live album sounds indefinitely better than their
“Georgian” studio recording of back then – anyways, musical direction
also took an interesting twist: now instead of post-punk, the new wave
sensibilities were augmented by jam and groove-based progressive rock
with some funk influences.

Besides quite out-of-context cover of Akvarium’s famous hit, the entire album conveys the aforementioned values.
Although the tracklist doesn’t feature a distinct highlight, album’s
light, repetitive grooves make it solid and very pleasant to listen. The
original sound is a very big plus too – you cannot easily find a close
analog, as it sits somewhere between Talking Heads’ rhythmic approach and Phish’s jamming excursiveness. Overall, album is more impressive during its instrumental sections.

So, “ND Live! In Regensburg” is an album of its own kind. Considering all this and a slight personal bonus, it gets 7,5 / 10 from me. Now most of the people involved with this album live in Western Europe, some still working in the music field.
05.05.2016 в 21:03 | материал

Все благодарности ქართული მუსიკის შესახებ!!!
05.05.2016 в 21:18 | материал
Это второй альбом группы. Запись сделана во время концерта в Германии.
Первый можно послушать на официальном сайте:


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