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Nathan Mahl, 2014 - Justify

Добавил recluse 03.10.2019 в 15:01
Style: Eclectic Prog
Format: WV
Size: 589 Mb

1. Tantrik Kobbler 07:14
2. Deception 08:32
3. It Tolls For Thee 07:34
4. Spirit 08:30
5. Ballad Of An Angry Man 06:30
6. Justify 06:50
7. Infinite Light 05:18

Total Time: 00:50:28

Guy LeBlanc - Keyboards, Vocals, Drums
David Campbell - Guitars, Bass
Tristan Vaillancourt - Guitars
Don Prince - Bass

Andrew Latimer - Guitars, Keyboards (Camel)
Shirley Glaser - Backing Vocals
Label: Unicorn Digital Records.

Password: music

The Main Link - Turbobit
Link 1 - Hitfile
Link 2 -  Hitfile

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Гога9112 Спам
02.07.2014 в 19:14 | материал
Прежде,чем оценивать этот альбом,нужно прочесть цитату самого Гая ЛеБлана о причине невозможности поехать с группой CAMEL в мировое турне(его заменил Тон Шерпензеель):
"Since being diagnosed with an allegedly incurable renal cancer that has metastasized in my bones, I've been 
undergoing radiation treatment, to which it seems I've responded well. I've also been taking a drug to try 
shrinking the tumours (best case scenario) in order to buy me more time in this mortal coil.
I had hoped to be in a stable course of treatment so I could join my buddies again for the March tour, 
which is now upon us, but developments in the last couple of weeks have made it necessary for me to 
bow out of this tour so that I may focus on my recovery and the recommendations of my doctors.
I'm so glad that Ton has agreed to do this, and also very relieved. 
It saddens me deeply that I will not see my friends, but the love and support I've received 
gives me strength and I look forward to seeing everyone again once this hurdle is passed."
Guy LeBlanc
Я просто восхищен мужеством этого музыканта и от всей Души желаю ему выздоровления..Он Музыкант и Человек с большой буквы..
05.12.2014 в 11:47 | материал
Достойный альбом,автору респект.

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