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Gipsy Love, 1972 - Here We Come

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Style: Krautrock
Country: Austria
Format: FLAC
Size: 286 Mb

Artwork Included

Track Listings:
01. Live And Love (Ratzer, Nordegg) 02:58
02. Here We Come (Wolf, Nordegg) 03:00
03. But Forever (Ratzer, Nordegg) 04:09
04. So Many Beautiful People (Wolf, Nordegg) 03:19
05. Rock My Blues Away (Ratzer, Nordegg) 04:05
06. Viennese Winter (Wolf) 04:20
07. Job In The Docks (Ratzer, Nordegg) 04:22
08. Moon Song (Ratzer) 03:13
09. Hand In Hand (Ratzer) 03:03
10. Warm Up (Ratzer) 02:08
11. Got Good News (Ratzer) 04:55
12. So Long, Friends (Wolf, Ratzer) 05:15

Karl Ratzer [aka Charly Ratzer] - guitar, vocals
Jano Stojka - drums, skins, percussion
Harri Stojka - bass
Peter Wolf - organ, fender-piano, piano and all horn arrangements except "But Forever", "Hand In Hand"
George Doggette - hot air and a few syllables
Richard Schonher - vocals and arrangements "But Forever", "Hand In Hand"

Password: music

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02.01.2016 в 19:58 | материал
"Keyboardist/pianist Peter Wolf is most notable, as he went to the US after Gipsy Love, played in jazz bands,
became a big band teacher, and played with Frank Zappa for years on the
road and 11 albums. He became a successful producer and arranger,
writing music for movies Top Gun, Pretty Woman, and arranging for acts
including Jefferson Starship, The Who and Kenny Loggins." (RYM).

Cпасибо за ознакомление.

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