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Gandalf's Fist, 2016 - The Clockwork Fable (3CD)

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Style: Neo-Prog / Rock Opera
Country: United Kingdom
Format: FLAC
Size: 372 + 375 + 364 Mb

CD1: Act I: The Day The Great Cog Failed
1.The Traveller and the Lighter (4:13)
2.Shadowborn (6:51)
3.The Unminable Zone (2:32)
4.The Lamplighter (Parts I-VIII) (15:58)
– Part I: The Lamps Of Ardel
– Part II: Haul Away The Fusee Chain
– Part III: Pauper’s Jig
– Part IV: Ebbing Of The Ember
– Part V: The Lamps Of Cartoe
– Part VI: A Prance Through A Nebulous Steam Garden
– Part VII: Nightkeeper’s Garrison
– Part VIII: Teller Of Fortunes
5.In the Cavern of the Great Cog (3:52)
6.The Great Cog (5:15)
7.The Shadow rises… (5:52)
8.The Capture (including The Song for a Fallen Nightkeeper) (6:51)
9.Waiting for Exile (7:06)
10.Eve’s Song (8:27)

CD2: Act II: Of Men And Worms
1.A Sermon for Shadowmas (1:18)
2.Victims of the Light (9:10)
– Part I: The Sermon On The Steps
– Part II: Congregation’s Retort
– Part III: Affirmation
3.Old Friends, new Enemies (4:23)
4 Ditchwater Daisies (7:22)
5.De-ranged (3:30)
6.The Lamplighter (Parts IX-XIII) (12:13)
– Part IX: Passing Of The Flame
– Part X: From Armistead’s Lamp
– Part XI: Dream Flight
– Part XII: Eyes From The Shadows
– Part XIII: The Flame Grows
7.In The Name Of The Spy
8.The Bewildering Conscience of a Clockwork Child (10:21)
9.Escape! (3:25)
10. A Solemn Toast for the Steam Ranger Reborn (10:21)

CD3: Act III: From Burrows We Came
1.The Oldest Flame (1:58)
2.The Lamplighter (Parts XIV-XV) (2:58)
– Part XIV: The First Lamplighter
– Part XV: Memories Of Nuclear Snow
3.Flight for the Surface (2:10)
4.The Climb (12:24)
– Part I: The Airship Ascends
– Part II: The Tinker’s Climbing Machines Spring To Life
– Part III: By The Path Of The Watcher
– Part IV: The Perseverance Of An Escaping Pensioner And His Mechanical Offspring
– Part V: A Hike Through The Steam Burrows
– Part VI: A Chance Encounter With Wing Commander Seamus McSausage, Lord Of The Vapour Buccaneers
– Part VII: Glancing Blow
– Part VIII: The Longest Shadow
– Part IX: The Dirigible Emerges From The Smog
5.At the Summit (8:05)
6.Fight for the Light (8:08)
7.Quest for Power (1:12)
– Part I: To Rule For Eternity
– Part II: Visions In The Clouds
– Part III: One Hand On The Mechanism
– Part IV: A Shudder From Below
– Part V: Fool’s Mate
8.At the Sign of the Aperture (12:33)
9.A Machine Serves His Purpose (1:30)
10.The Clockwork Fable (5:13)
11.Escape from Cogtopolis (1:14)
12. Through the Lens (3:25)
13. Epilogue – Oh Bugger! (1:02)

Dean Marsh – Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Mandolin, Octave Mandola, Bass
Luke Severn – Lead & Backing Vocals
Chris Ewen – Bass
Stefan Hepe – Drums, Percussion
Melissa Hollick – Female Vocals
Dying Seed – Backing Vocals
featuring very special guest musicians:
Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) – Vocals
Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) – Vocals
Dave Oberlé (Gryphon) – Vocals & Percussion
Matt Stevens (The Fierce and the Dead) – Ambient Guitars & SoundFX
Mark Benton as ‘The Lamplighter’
Zach Galligan as ‘The Steamranger’
Bill Fellows as ‘Armistead’
Paul Kavanagh as ‘The Primarch’
Tim Munro as ‘The Tinker’
Paul Barnhill as ‘Pastor Simon’
Alicia Marsh as ‘Eve’
Chris Ewen as ‘The Boy’
Password: music

The Main Link - Turbobit
Link 1 - Hitfile
Link 2 - Turbobit

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30.04.2016 в 23:01 | материал
Гигантский альбом, куча музыкантов, будет что завтра на работе слушать. biggrin
01.05.2016 в 07:49 | материал
А работа хорошая, с разнообразными ходами (от прог-метала до лирических отступлений).  Правда, разговоров много, поэтому без  либретто не обойтись. Концептуал все же!

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