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Days Between Stations, 2013 - In Extremis

Добавил recluse 28.08.2013 в 00:24
Style:Eclectic Prog
Country:United States
Size: 468,9 Mb

Artwork included

Studio Album, released in 2013

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. No Cause for Alarm (Overture) (3:51)
2. In Utero (5:10)
3. Visionary (10:40)
4. Blackfoot (10:04)
5. The Man Who Died Two Times (4:11)
6. Waltz in E Minor (dedicated to Peter Banks) (2:04)
7. Eggshell Man (11:56)
8. In Extremis (21:37)
Part I: Mass
Part II: On The Ground
Part III: A Requiem
Part IV: Writing On Water
Part V: Overland
Part VI: It Never Ends

Line-up / Musicians

Oscar Fuentes Bills: Piano, Synthesizers, Rhodes, Mellotron, Hammond Organ, Electronic Percussion
Sepand Samzadeh: Guitars

Tony Levin: Bass
Billy Sherwood: Drums and Lead Vocals
Peter Banks: 2nd Lead & Rhythm Guitar on Eggshell Man, In Extremis
Matt Bradford: Dobro on Visionary
Colin Moulding: Lead Vocals on The Man Who Died Two Times
Ali Nouri: Tar solo on Eggshell Man
Jeffery Samzadeh: Sonati Vocals on In Extremis
Rick Wakeman: Mellotron Flute, Minimoog Solo on Eggshell Man
The Barbershop Quartet (Pat Claypool, Matt Gray, Eric Orr, David Rakita): on In Extremis
Chris Tedesco & The Angel City Orchestra: No Cause for Alarm, In Utero, Visionary, Waltz in E Minor, In Extremis
Josh Humphrey: Keyboard Effects and Textures on In Utero, Electronic Drums & Programming on Visionary
Chris Tedesco: Trumpet Solo on Visionary, In Extremis

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recluse Спам
28.08.2013 в 00:26 | материал
Как-то пропустили мы эту работу, и напрасно.

Очень серьезный, преимущественно инструментальный, альбом,неслучайно на PA в числе лидеров.

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