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Bill Brovold, 2000 - Childish Delusions

Добавил vp_1974 07.05.2013 в 20:49
Style: RIO / Avant-Prog / Progressive Rock
Country: United States 
Format: Lossless / FLAC (log + cue)
Size: 255 Mb

1. Attention Span. 1:28
2. Childish Delusions. 6:15
3. The Night Tammy Wynette Died. 2:41
4. Acts of Desperation. 3:52
5. Majestic West. 7:27
6. She Corrupts My Dreams. 2:27
7. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. 6:08
8. Under the Ice. 9:09
9. Den 5. 2:18
10. Wee Small Hours. 5:28

Total Time: 47:13

Matt Bauder: Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Bill Brovold: Loops, Guitars, Steel Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Nick Collins: Piano
Shumit Das Gupta: Bass
Genevieve Padgett: Cello
Marco Smith: Drums
Mike Smith: Violin
Toby Summerfield: Guitar, Bass
Josh Tillingast: Bass
Kurt Zimmerman: Violin

The mastermind behind the powerful band Larval, and a veteran of the early Rhys Chatam orchestras, Bill Brovold's complex compositions smash the borders of rock and classical music. Highly structured and meticulously crafted, these quirky sound sculptures jump from mood to mood—from Zappa to Henry Cow, the Zen Vikings to Glenn Branca, Brovold has created a powerful new instrumental rock that tells a story.

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recluse Спам
08.05.2013 в 10:31 | материал
Слава, вроде здесь ссылка не на тот альбом wink
vp_1974 Спам
08.05.2013 в 11:59 | материал
))))))))))) теперь та!

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