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Big Big Train, 2023 - Ingenious Devices

Добавил recluse 10.07.2023 в 19:07
Style: Crossover Prog
Country: United Kingdom
Format:  mp3/320 kbps
Size:  139 Mb

1. East Coast Racer (15:46)
2. The Book of Ingenious Devices (1:20)
3. Brooklands (12:23)
4. Voyager (14:11)
5. Atlantic Cable (live) (15:23)

Total Time 59:03

Line-up / Musicians
- Alberto Bravin / lead vocals (5)
- David Longdon / lead & backing vocals (1,3,4), flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion
- Dave Gregory / electric & 12-string guitars
- Andy Poole / acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, backing vocals
- Rikard Sjöblom / keyboards, guitars, accordion, backing vocals
- Danny Manners / keyboards, double bass
- Rachel Hall / violin, viola, cello, backing vocals, string arrangements
- Greg Spawton / bass, bass pedals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- Nick D'Virgilio / drums & percussion, backing vocals

Label: English Electric Records
Format: Vinyl, CD, Digital
June 30, 2023

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10.07.2023 в 19:11 | материал
Releases information
Songs 1, 3 & 4 are completely re-arranged with a 17-piece string section: "East Coast Racer" is a completely new studio version recorded by the line-up of the band as it was in 2019. "Brooklands" features newly recorded drums, bass and bass pedals, while Voyager includes additional guitar and violin. All three songs have been re-mixed for this release.

Ingenious Devices also includes a previously unreleased orchestral piece called "The Book of Ingenious Devices", which links "East Coast Racer" and "Brooklands".

Finally, Ingenious Devices features a live performance of "Atlantic Cable", recorded at Friars, Aylesbury in September 2022.

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