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Amarok, 1994 - Els Nostres Petits Amics

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Style: Folk Prog / Prog Rock
Country: Spain
Format: Mp3 320 kbps
Size: 112 mb

1. Tucans per tot. 5:03
2. Amarok part I. 6:02
3. Okavango. 2:07
4. Migracions. 5:42
5. Somiedo. 8:45:
..i) En los hayedos milenanos.
..ii) Tres les puellas del lobo.
..iii) Ciervos.
..iv) Traversia.
..v) Lloviana.
..vi) El paramo.
6. Sols un desig. 4:32
7. La vall de les marmotes. 2:40
8. Al gel blau de la glacera. 3:22
9. Retorn. 3:19
10. Camaleo i prisma. 6:33
11. Okavango final. 2:28

Total Time: 50:24

Alfredo Arcusa: drums (2-5-7-10), gong(5)
Lidia Ceron: vocals (1-4-6-8-9-10)
Asy Guerrero: Spanish guitar (11)
Kerstin Kokocinski: oboe (4-5-10)
Joan Morera: violin (6-10-11)
Robert Santamaria: keyboards, digital piano (3-5-9), glockenspiel (9), marimbas (11), bongos (5-11), darbouka (5), percussion (6-7-9-10-11)
Manel Sese: darboukas, talking drums, plates, percussion(1-4-9), chorus (8)

Review Album:
This debut album from this Spanish band is closely related with the work from Mike Oldfield (but with such a name, there is no wonder).
This album is mostly instrumental even if here and there a sweet female vocal part is filling some tracks. But they are more vocalizing as far as I'm concerned. The music from "ELS NOSTRES PETITS AMICS" is very relaxing, almost New Age with a decent folk touch.
The use of some less conventional instruments certainly adds a feel to this work. Only the long "Somiedo" (almost nine minutes) sounds a bit too classical to my taste. This album is quite in line with some future works from the band ("Canciones De Los Mundos Perdidos") and should please the Oldfield fans.

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