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George Benson, 1983 - In Your Eyes

Добавил санди 11.11.2013 в 23:24
Style: Smooth Jazz / Pop Jazz
Country: United States
Format: mp3 / 320 kbps
Size: 100 Mb

Tracks Listing:
1. Feel Like Making Love
2. Inside Love (So Personal)
3. Lady Love Me (One More Time)
4. Love Will Come Again
5. In Your Eyes
6. Never Too Far to Fall
7. Being with You
8. Use Me
9. Late at Night
10. In Search of a Dream

Kashif (Synthesizer),  (Drums),  (Keyboards),  (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),   (Synclavier),  (Finger Snaps), (Vocal Arrangement),  (Rhythm Arrangements), (Moog Bass),
George Benson (Guitar),  (Guitar (Rhythm)), (Vocals),  (Vocals (Background)), (Main Performer),
Michael Brecker (Saxophone), 
Jorge Dalto (Piano), (Piano (Electric)),
Jon Faddis (Horn),  (Musician),
James Newton Howard (Synthesizer), (Piano),  (Keyboards)(String Arrangements),
Tom "Bones" Malone (Horn),
David Sanborn (Saxophone),(Sax (Alto)), 
Ralph MacDonald (Percussion),
Lillo Thomas (Vocals),  (Vocals (Background)),
Robin Clark (Vocals),(Vocals (Background)),
Amanuel Vardi (Viola),
B.J. Nelson (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),
Jonathan Abramowitz (Cello),
Julien Barber (Musician),
Bashiri Johnson (Percussion),
Stephen Benben (Percussion),(Finger Snaps), 
Randy Brecker (Trumpet),(Horn Arrangements),
Robbie Buchanan (Synthesizer),  (Piano), (Guitar (Electric)), (Keyboards), (Piano (Electric)), (Programming), (Rhythm Arrangements),  (Synthesizer Arrangements),(Linn Drum), (Moog Bass),
Frederick Buldrini (Musician),
Pete Cannarozzi (Synthesizer),
Lenny Castro (Percussion),
Chaka Khan (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),
Jorge Dalton (Keyboards),
Nathan East (Bass),
Gus Falcon (Guitar), (Guitar (Rhythm)), (Rhythm Arrangements),
Steve Ferrone (Drums),
Sammy Figueroa (Percussion),
Babi Floyd (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),
Steve Gadd (Drums),
Gerald Tarack (Musician),
Diva Gray (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),
Lani Groves (Vocals),(Vocals (Background)),
Harry Lookofsky (Musician),
Jerry Hey (Trumpet), (Flugelhorn), (Brass Arrangement),
Lee Holdridge (String Arrangements), 
Paul Jackson, Jr. (Guitar), (Guitar (Rhythm)),
Anthony Jackson (Bass),
Brenda White-King (Vocals),
Harold Kohon (Musician),
Will Lee (Bass),
Guy Lumia (Musician),
Joseph Malin (Musician),
Arif Mardin (Vocals),(Vocal Arrangement),  (Horn Arrangements), (String Arrangements),  (Rhythm Arrangements), (Synthesizer Arrangements),
Joe Mardin (Synthesizer),(Keyboards),  (Synthesizer Programming),
Richard Maximoff (Musician),
Marcus Miller (Bass),
Leslie Ming (Drums),
David Paich (Synthesizer), (Keyboards),(Brass Arrangement),
Jeff Porcaro (Drums),
Greg Phillinganes (Synthesizer),
Greg Phillinganes (Piano),
Steve Porcaro (Synthesizer),
Vicki Randle (Vocals),
Alan Raph (Horn),
Zachary Sanders (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),
Ira Siegel (Guitar),
David Spinozza (Guitar),
Hamish Stuart (Guitar),
Hamish Stuart (Vocals (Background)),
Richard Tee (Keyboards),
Richard Tee (Piano (Electric)),
Carlos Vega (Drums),
Brenda White (Vocals (Background)),
Mark Stevens (Vocals), (Vocals (Background)),
George Genson (Guitar),

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санди Спам
11.11.2009 в 23:33 | материал
ну и списочек...
я понял, они это специально делали,
что б мучить будущих релизёров, которые будут печатать этот список.

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