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John Du Cann, 1977 - The World's Not Big Enough

Добавил санди 01.08.2009 в 09:37
Style: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Format: mp3 / 256 kbps
Size: 68,5 Mb

Tracks Listing:
1. Nothing Better
2. Old Fashioned Fantasy
3. Such A Terrible Shame
4. A Night To Remember
5. So Where's The Show
6. Oh She Oh She's My Woman
7. People In The Street
8. Evil Woman
9. Talk Talk Talk
10. The Failure
11. Making Promises
12. Let Me Go - Let Me Go
13. Evil Woman (2nd version)
14. Fascination Is Temptation

John Du Cann (The Attack,Straw People,Andromeda,Atomic Rooster,Daemon,Hard Stuff) — Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Andy Bown (Status Quo) — Keyboards
Francis Rossi (Status Quo) — Guitar
John McCoy (Ian Gillan Band) — Bass
Pete Kircher (Status Quo) — Drums

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санди Спам
01.08.2009 в 09:44 | материал
він приймав участь у багатьох колективах.
у тому числі Andromeda і Atomic Rooster, музика цих колективів вже присутня на сайті.
nelwizard Спам
03.04.2010 в 23:37 | материал
Thank you very much for sharing.

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