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Helmut Teubner, 1989 - Heaven's Light

Добавил Stepan 09.09.2021 в 08:20
Style: Progressive Electronic
Country: Germany
Format: APE
Size: 240 Mb

Artwork Included

01.Heaven's Light (10:39)
02.For You (4:29)
03.Per Aspera Ad Astra (7:08)
04.The Lucky Side Of Life (4:20)
05.Longing For Heavens Light (9:36)
06.Step Out Of The Darkness (3:13)

Line Up:
Composed By – Helmut Teubner
Guitar – Kai Reuter
Saxophone – Ralf Nowy

Password: music

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Stepan Спам
19.09.2010 в 15:42 | материал
на прогархівах тиша... sad
Novalis Спам
19.09.2010 в 18:30 | материал
Спасибо, Стёпа!


Helmut Teubner (Keaboards / Synthesizers)
Ralf Nowy (Saxophone)
Kai Reuter (Guitar)

Great synphonic electronic music with progressive elements. A real masterpiece. With mind-blowing electric guitar (by Kai Reuter from Jane), enrapturing saxophone (by Ralf Nowy) and bombastic string arrangements. Helmut Teubner presents here an ingenious masterpiece: symphonic electronic music with progressive influences skillfully accompanied by an enrapturing saxophone and a mind-blowing E-guitar. Whatever the sleeve promises, the content of the CD exceeds it by sparkling with ideas that are most accurately performed and never boring but with bombastic string arrangements building up an unrivalled atmosphere. It’s hard to imagine how Helmut Teubner should ever again come up to the quality of this majestic masterpiece which is one of the best volumes in this series. Only those listeners completely devoted to the rough krautrock of the seventies may find problems in understanding this opus. By the way, the saxophone is played by Ralf Nowy, famous for his solo albums as well as for his guest appearances with Drosselbart and Improved Sound Limited.

Источник: rutracker.org

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