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Various Artists, 2010 - Mister Bolin's Late Night Revival - What If...

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Style: Hard Rock / Blues Rock
Country: United States
Format: APE
Size: 443 Mb

Artwork Included

Track Listings:
01. They’re Gonna Let Me Die
(Doogie White)
02. You’re No Angel
(Eric Martin)
03. Meaning of Love
(Jeff Pilson)
04. Celebration
(Randy Jackson)
05. Tears & Turpentine
(Brandon Reid Allen)
06. Evening Rain
(Cristina Sanchez)
07. I Want You To Take Me There -Pale Angel
(Van McLain & Ronnie Platt of Shooting Star)
08. Jump Back
(No Sky Today feat. Fin Muir)
09. Glory Train
(Doogie White feat. Rex Carroll)
10. Gypsy Moon
(Derek St. Holmes)
11. Road to Walk
(The Michael Sean Affair)
12. It’s Up To You
(HiFi Superstar)
13. Slowdriver
(Kimberly Dahme)
14. Blues Gonna Take Me Away
(Robin McAuley)
15. Long Way to Go
(The 77’s)
16. Feel It’s Time For Love
(A Gain of Ten)
17. Love is a Bandit
(John Kelly Gannett)
Password: music

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16.09.2016 в 13:28 | материал
Великолепный трибьют в память о легендарном гитаристе TOMMY BOLIN (Deep Purple, James Gang). В релиз вошли 17 неизданных ранее композиций, которые были написаны им. В записи релиза приняли участие Eric Martin, Doogie White, Jeff Pilson, Derek St. Holmes, Shooting Star, Randy Jackson, Robin McAuley, Kimberly Dahme.

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