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Janiva Magness & Jeff Turmes, 1997 - It Takes One To Know One

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Style: Blues
Country: United States
Format: FLAC
Size: 286 Mb

Artwork Included

Songs / Track listing
01. Good Car
02. It Ain't No Such Thing as a King Bee
03. Dummy on Your Knee
04. Liquor Town
05. It Takes One to Know One
06. Once in a While
07. Ton of Love, A
08. Some People Say
09. You Made Me
10. Rollin' Round in the Gutter
11. She Holds a Grudge
12. Boiling Water
13. And I'm Sleeping Now

Janiva Magness (vocals)
Miles Joseph, Junior Watson, Kid Ramos, Smokey Hormel (guitar)
Jeff Turmes (tenor sax, baritone sax, upright bass,vocals)
Joe Perez (tenor sax)
Scott Steen (trumpet)
Jeffrey Barr, Andy Kaulkin, Red Young (piano)
Mike Finnigan (organ)
Steve Mugalian (drums, snare drum)
James Cruce, James Gadson, Stephen Hodges (drums)
Brie Darling (congas, percussion)
Julie Christensen (background vocals)

Password: music

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xoxol1965 Спам
16.12.2010 в 22:34 | материал
Первый альбом певицы. Поет поочередно с Джефом, который по "совместительству" является ее мужем smile

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