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Estas Tonne, 2013 - Internal Flight

Добавил Stepan 20.09.2023 в 12:38
Style: Acoustic
Country: Ukraine / Germany
Format: FLAC
Size: 335 Mb
Tracks Listing:
1. Internal Flight. Estas Tonne (guitar version) 01:04:36
Estas Tonne - acoustic guitar

This musical experience somehow naturally occurred during my travels all over the planet in 2012 while feeling the call to "stretch" and extent already existing songs, improvising with the intensity of sound as well as "letting the strings tell stories...“
During enormous amounts of sessions, which range from 1 hour to 5 hours I've seen and felt an incredible magic … it didn't matter where this experience took place. It has always been like a miracle.
A transformation of thought into eternal smiling silence - at meditation festivals, yoga retreats, street festivals, concerts, mental institutes, elderly houses, small house gatherings and huge parties.
I’m doing my best to stay with "this energy" no matter what surroundings are there, holding the space for those around to achieve a "flying experience" - at times it is very challenging yet always beneficial.
I still have no idea what I do during these sessions, as it seems indeed, just holding a guitar, as it becomes much more than music - and its not about the music - and surely its not about me - but all that is involved in the process - either visible or invisible.
Within this recording I tried to keep the original energy.
Though surely it is never the same as it could be experienced Live!
With all love ♥
with great thanks to Wassa Paole, Eino Kolists, Ainārs Majors, Jānis Kalve, Juris Grave, Bhavani Prem, Fiona Unterasinger,Joel, Irina, Amalia, Igor, Sveta, Tony Fyne, Amihai & Love Revolution Israel, Jivani, Omer, Liat Zion, Zola, Nir Shraiber and so many all over the world, visible and invisible!
Password: music

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12.10.2014 в 15:42 | материал
невероятно затягивает!
обязательно послушайте!
16.10.2014 в 12:25 | материал
Це МЕГАКРУТО і по виконнаню і по стилю життя! бачив його відео на ютубах, але тоді не знав хто це. Дуже дякую!!!

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