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Psychedelic Space Rock from United States

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В теме собраны американские музыканты играющие в стиле
Psychedelic Space Rock.
Для оформления темы использованы фотоснимки
сделанные с американского телескопа Хаббл.

3 Leafs,

Abunai!, AJ Froman, Alasehir, Alex Delivery, Alien Planetscapes,
Alientar, Daevid Allen's University Of Errors, Altered States,
Antlers, Anubian Lights, Appalachian Translator,
Architectural Metaphor, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound,
Astra, Atavism Of Twilight, Ataxia,

Baikal, Bardo Pond, Barn Owl, Barrows, The Betty Brothers,
Beyond-O-Matic (Beyondomatic)BirthBlack Science,
Boat Burning, Brujas del Sol, Bunnies, Bunt Noodle,

Carlton Melton, Cave, Centric Jones, Chroma Key,
Cobra Family Picnic, Cold Sun, Comets On Fire,
Cosmic Debris, Counterpoint,

D'arcana, Dead Meadow, Deaf Scene, Debris of Titan,
The Doppelgängers, Dragonwyck,

Earthless, Ecstatic Vision, Brian Ellis Group,
The Entrance Band (Entrance), Escapade,
Eternal Tapestry, Eye,

F/i, The Facedancers, Fantasy, Farflung, Fifty Foot Hose,
Fire Whale, Fireclan, Fish Eye Lens, Fonya,
The Formless FormJohn Orr Franklin,
Froggie Beaver, Fungal Abyss, Chris Funk,

Ghosts of Jupiter, Grails, Groop, Guild Navigators,

Harpo Jarvi, Haunted Lanther, Headroom,
 Heavy Blanket, Heavy Water Experiments, Hellbender,
Herbcraft, Heru Avenger, Hollow Mirrors, Howlin' Magic,

Id, Incandenscent Sky, Ion Quest, It's Not Night: It's Space,

The Jelly Jam,

Tyler KamenKhruangbin, Kinski,

Landing, Lands End, Lazertüth, Liquid Sound Company,
Lumerians, Lunar Dunes,

Magic Lantern, Magnog,  Mammatus, Manburger Surgical,
The Mandrake Memorial, Kevin Mapplebeck, Marmalade Knives,
Mars Everywhere, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Melting Euphoria,
Midday Veil, Mija, Miles From Pangaea, Mohodisco,  Monarch,
Mondo Drag, Moon Duo, Moon Goons, The Moose, Mother Of Fire,
Mothership, Mushroom, Music Emporium, The Myrrors, Mystery Egg,

Naam, Naked Elf, Napatista, The Night Sea,
Nostradamus The Tank Engine, Nudity, Numinous Eye,

Oats, Oc Feef,  Om Attack, Oneida, Orion Tango, La Otracina,

People Of The North, Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come,
Plastic Overlords, Polestar 1, Polyphony, Primordial Undermind,
Project Moonbeam, Psychatrone Rhonedakk,
Psychic Ills, The Psychic Paramount,

Quarkspace, Queen Elephantine,

Ra Can Row, The Rendlesham Forest Incident, Rhyton,
Rinse. Repeat., Andrew Douglas Rothbart,

ST 37, Sapat, The Secret Machines, Secret Saucer,
Seven Percent Solution, Shatter Projeckt, Silas Neptune
Six Organs of Admittance (6 Organs Of Admittance), Sky Picnic,
Sleepy Sun,Smoking Spore, Snake Oil, Solar Glory, Sons Of Otis,
Space Mushroom Fuzz, Spaceseed, Starving Daughters
Specimen 37, Spiral, Sri Aurobindo, Staircases,
Starving Daughters, Stereochrome, Stull,
SubArachnoid Space, Sumdeus,
Sunburned Hand of The Man, Sungod, Sweet Smoke,
System Theory,

THTX, Taboo Stu, Tasha-Yar, Jay Tausig, Temple Garden,
Terminal Lovers, There Is No TimeThtx, Tia Carrera, Titan,
Tonhotel, Transitional Phase, Traveling Circle, Trip Lava,

U Sco,
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats,
Ultimate Spinach,
Unicorn Porn, University Of Errors, Urdog,
The Usa is a Monster,

Verma, The Vocokesh, Vostok Programme, Voyag3r,

The WarlocksThe Web, Where The Moon Came From,
White Hills, White Manna, Chris Wilcox, Windy and Carl, 
Wooden Shjips,

Yukon Territorial Expansion, Yume Bitsu,

Zenith Effluveum,


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