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Psychedelic / Space Rock from United Kingdom

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В темі зібрані гурти та виконавці категорії Psychedelic / Space Rock з Великої Британії.

 The Amorphous Androgynous, Amplifier, Anta,
Aquarius Lux, Arcadium,
Artifactus & Uranium, Arzachel, Axe,

Bachdenkel, Band Of Rain, Black Light Secret, Blim,
Blonde on Blonde, Brotherhood Of The Machine,
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come,

Camel, Canterbury Glass, Chimera, Codex Serafini,
The Cosmic Dead , Cracked Machine, Cranium Pie ,
Crippled Black Phoenix, Crow, Crumbling Ghost,

Alan Davey, Day Shift, Dead Sea Apes,
Dr Hasbeen, Dream Machine,

Earthling Society, Evel Gazebow,

Mick Farren, Frozen Geese,
The Future Kings Of England,

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera,
The Gate To Alpha Centauri,
Cary Grace, Grail, Guru & Zero,

Hawkwind, A Headfull Of Monsters,
The Heads, Here & Now, The Hologram People,

I.E.M., Ici Maintenants, The Infinite Trip,
Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember, The Invisible Band!,

Andy Jackson, Jade Warrior,

Rose Kemp, KingBathmat , Krel, Krom Lek,

The Legendary Pink Dots, Litmus,
Lords of Form, Lunar Dunes,

Mademoiselle Marquee, Magic Muscle, Man,
Milo Black, Mooch, Moonweevil, Mother Gong,
Mr Quimby's Beard, Mugstar,

Nektar, No-Man, Nope, Nukli,

Oceansize, Omnia Opera, Orange Clocks,
The Oscillation, Osiris The Rebirth, Ozric Tentacles,

Paradise 9, Paradox, Paradox One,
Parallel Or 90 Degrees, Pink Floyd, Plank,
Poltergeist, Pre-Med, Psychedelic Warriors,
Psychic Lemon, Public Foot the Roman, Pyramidion,

The Resonance Association, Root,

Saturnalia, Second Hand, Sendelica, Sentient,
Ship Of Fools, Shuttah, Snakes Don't Belong in Alaska,
Soma, Sonic Boom, The Sonic Shamen,
Sonic Trip Project, Sontaag, Space Ritual, Spacehead,
Spaceman 3, Spiral Realm, The Spirits Of Earth,
Spontenaneous Combustion, Strobe, Stupid Cosmonaut,
Sun Dial, Sunforest, The Syn,

Teeth Of The Sea, Think Floyd, Tractor,
Treatment, Tribe of Cro, Nik Turner, Twink,

Ubermodo, Underground Zero,

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Vert:x,
Voice Of The Seven Thunders,

Wax Machine, Wooden Baby, Windham Earl, Ed Wynne,


The Yellow Moon Band,


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