/ Heavy Prog from United States - 23 Января 2022

Heavy Prog from United States

Добавил санди 23.01.2022 в 14:00

В теме собраны представители стилистики Heavy Prog из Соединённых Штатов.

41Point9, 99 Names of God,

Abigail's Ghost, Advent Horizon, After The Fall,
Aldenfield, Alizarin, Amalgam Effect, American Drift,
Anyone, Arcane Atlas, Atris,

Baliset, Bass Invaders, A Big Goodbye, The Bitters,
Bloodrock, Bolt, Bull Angus,

Captain Beyond, Capricum, Carpe Nota, Celestial Oeuare,
Chain, Chromatic Aberration, Steve Cichoh, Clevis,
Cobweb Strange, Contra, Contrarain, Tyler Cotner,
Crack the Sky, Cryptic Vision, The Cyberiam,

Darediablo, Dead and Space, Della Terra (Aegis Integer),
Diapasyn, Divine In Sight, Dust Sculptures,

Easter Island, Eight Whale, Elder, Elf Project, Empire Bathtub,
Enormity, Escherbach, Every Other Fate, Explorers Club,

Facing New York, The Fall Of Troy, Five Of The Eyes,
Frijid Pink,

Ghost Medicine, Glasswing, Gnomonaut, Goodthunder,
The Great Labyrinth Project, Greyhaven,

Hail The Sun, Haystacks Balboa, Heir To Madness,
Heroine, Human Life Index,

In The Presence Of Wolves, Invasive Species, Iz,

Jimmy Chamberlin Complex,


Legend, Levin Minnemann Rudess, Lord Helmet,
Lord Only,  Lost Apparation, Lost Nation, Lufeh,

The Mars Volta, Felix Martin, Maxwell's Demon,
Melodramus, The Mercury Tree, Micah, Moon Letters,

New Sun, No More Pain, Nomadic Horizon, Northwind,
Nothing Is Writing, Notion Blue,

Ollocs, Orphan Bloom, Orpheus Nine, Ovrfwrd,

Paradigm Blue, Penna, Persephone's Dream,
Phantom's Opera, Phoenix Down, Pinnacle, Points North,
Port Mahadia, Pulp Culture,

Rainbow Face, Ram, Reaching Reverie,
Jason Rubenstein,
Red Star Revolt, Reframe, Role of The Observer,

Sacri Monti, Scarlet Hollow, Seneca, Signals of Bedlam,
Skeletonbreath, Snailface, Solution Science Systems,
Sorry No Ferrari, Sound & Shape,
The Sound Of Aamimals Fighting,
Spoke of Shadows, St. Elmo's Fire, Stavo, Stolas,
Storm at Sunrise, Strategy, Sugarloaf,

Terminal Degree, Tiles,

Valhalla, Von Frickle, Vultress,

Andy West, White Witch,


Michael Zucker,

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