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Crossover Prog from United States

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В теме собраны представители направления Crossover Prog
из Соединённых Штатов Америки.

Absin The Junk, The Addiction Dream, The Advencement,
Tori Amos, Analog Missionary, Laurie Anderson, Anubis Spire,
Anywhere, The Apple Zed, Aquacadia, Arc of Life,
Brady Arnold, Tony Arnold, The Ars Supernova, Art by Numbers,
Arz, As Follows, As Tall As Lions, Assuage, Astronomy,
The Aurora Observatory, Automatic Man, Autumn Above,
Autumn Electric, Autumn People, Aviary, David Axelrod,

Badwater Fire Company, The Bards of Antiquity, Bat Lenny,
Bead Game, Bent Knee, The Benzene Ring, Robert Berry,
Emily Bezar, Kenny Bissett, Black Moth Super Rainbow,
The Black of Space, Blow Up Hollywood, Bomber Goggles,
Steve Bonino, Lindsey Boullt, Box of Crayons,
The Boy The Bird & The Beast, Victor Brady, Bright Brown,
Tom Brislin,  Bruteus, Built for the Future, Buke and Gase,
Burning Sideway, By Sunlight,

California Guitar Trio, Cannata, Laura Casale, Castle Canyon,
Ceilig Unlimited, Cell15, Celluloid Winter, Chalis, Choke The Word,
Circa Curvine, Circa:, Circuline, The Aaron Clift Experiment,
Coheed & Cambria, Colouratura, Crazu Dumbsaint,
Crystalwood, Collecting Space,

Deadwood Forest, Deambra, The Dear Hunter, Deerhoof,
Joe Deninzon, Destroy all Planets, Digital Chemistry, Din Within,
Direct Divide, Dirty Projectors, Dissonati, Distant Light, Direct 97,
Doc's Ferment, Dream The Electric Sleep (DTES), Dreaming Madman,
Dredg, Dw. Dunphy, Dyonisos,

Earthkind, Echoes of Giants, Electric Sorcery, Electrum,
Ryan Mark Elliott, Elysium Theory, Aaron English, Entransient,
Epiicycle, Event, Exovex,

Faint Signal, Fair to Midland, Feed Me Jack, Fibonacci Sequence,
Fire Garden, Flaud Logic, Flower Coronet, Jeremy Flower,
Forward Shapes, Fractal Rock, Freelight, French Lick, Froskull,

Gabriel Bondage, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Gamma Repeator,
Kevin Geier, Gekko Project, Geppetto's Retribution, Giannotti,
Kevin Gilbert, Giraffe, Glorie, Gravity Tree, Grey Eye Glances,
Gutor Garden,

The Hallucinant Telepherique, Helioth, Heresy, Hermetic Science,
Heyoka, Homesick for Space, Hour of The Shipwreck, House of Rabbits,

i.AB, In Continuum, Infinite Monopole, Infinite Orchestra, Into The Presence,

Jasper Wrath, Jaugernaut (a.D.), Jebel, Jeremy, Jhimm,

Kaddisfly, Kassini, Kel Loch & Gold, Tom Kelly, Dave Kerzner,
Kid Cousin, King Gorm, Kino, Kiss Kiss, Krunkel Stilskin, Dave Kulju,

Lisa Larue, The Lazarus Trio, Leviathan, Limpid Green,
Little Tybee, Kerry Livgren, Lobate Scarp, Lodgic,
The Luck of Eden Hall, Johannes Luley, Luminous News,

Macarthur, Madame Blavatsky Overdrive, Madrigal,
Magellans Ghost, Magnatar, Maid Myriad, Bruce Main,
Majestic X, Mancunian Candidate, Mandrake Project, Maranus,
Mars Hollow, Martiny Henry, Masters of The Airwaves,
Maximum Indifference, The Mayan Factor, Medulla, Meta,
Might Could, Mark Miller, Mind, Mind Furniture, The Minstrel's Ghost,
Mirror People, Moetar, Barak Moffitt, Molitoth, Motae,
Mountain Mirrors, My Eternel,

Jeffrey Naness, Ian Narcisi, The Nerve Institute, Never Wasn't,
New Beard, Nick-Nack, Jake Nielsen, Night Idea, Nightales,
Notice Grace, Novus Rex,

Oingo Bongo, Omnipresent, Once and Future Band,
One Voice, Orphan Project,

Ryan Parmenster, The Pat Sejak Assassins, Pattern-Seeking Animals,
Pavlov's Dog, Annette Peacock, Victor Peraino’s Kingdom Come,
Fernando Perdomo, Perfect Beings, Rudy Perrone, Petroleum Falcon,
Phideaux, Planer P Project, Possible Worlds, Jack Potter, Presto Ballet,
Providence Falls, Pseudo / Sentai, Psychic for Radio,
Purposeful Porpoise, Pye Fyte,

Michael Quatro, The Quiet Earth Orchestra,

Rajas, Rayburn, The Receiver, Red Orchid, Reign Cycle,
The Reign of Kindo (The Reign), The Resistance, Resistor,
Happy Rhodes, Raise Twain, Rishloo, Rockenfield / Speer,
Rope and Ladder, Jordan Rudess, Cyndee Lee Rule,
Todd Rundgren, The Rupert Selection,

The Sailing, Schooltree, Science NV, Seconds Before Landing,
Senses, Shadowfax, Billy Sherwood, Silent Temple,
Simeon Soul Charger, Simon Apple, Singularity, Sister Helen,
Sky Cries Mary, Skysaw, Sleep Rebellion, Sleepy Hollow,
Slim Charles, Victor Snow, Solterra, Somnambulist,
Sonus Umbra, The Source, Sparks, Speechless, Spiraling,
Squonk Opera, Steam Theory, Stegor, Still, Brad Stock,
Lynn Stokes & Sol Surfers, Stratospheerius, Roy Strattman,
Subject to Soughts, Suit of Light, Sunset Mission,
Supernal Endgame, Surreal, Symfinity, Symmetry / Symmetry,
Symphonic Haze, Synema, Syzygy,

Tabula Rasa, Taiga, Tauk, The Tea Club, Telergy, Telescreen,
Temple of Switches, Ten Jinn, Thank You Scientist, That's Rugby,
Theo, Think Tree, Timelight, Timothy Pure, Tin Huey,
Torgo, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Twenty Commuttee,

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Umphrey's Mcgee,
Unaka Prong, Johnny Unicorn,

Vajra, Valdez, Voice of Enslaved, Volcano!, The Vorticists,

Matthew Vincent Walker, Steve Walsh, Kit Watkins,
We Came From Space, John Wesley, Westfauster,
Stan Whitaker & Frank Wyatt, Whitewing, Charles Wiley, Window,
The Winds of Fire Orchestra, Within a Reverie,
Woolgather, World Trade, Wyscan,


Michelle Young, Yoso, Your Electric Grandmother,

Z, Zazu, Zen Carnival, Zookeeper’s Palace,

17 Pygmies, 1974, 101,
3, 3 Legged Monster, 3rd Egree, 7th Kind, 90 Day Men,


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