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Ayreon, 2017 ‎– The Source (4CD)

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Style: Progressive Metal
Country: Netherlands
Format: APE
Size:  304 + 293 + 295 + 280 + 256 Mb

Artwork included

Songs / Tracks Listing
Chronicle 1: The Frame
CD1-1 The Day That The World Breaks Down 12:32
CD1-2 Sea Of Machines 5:08
CD1-3 Everybody Dies 4:42

Chronicle 2: The Aligning Of The Ten
CD1-4 Star Of Sirrah 7:03
CD1-5 All That Was 3:36
CD1-6 Run! Apocalypse! Run! 4:52
CD1-7 Condemned To Live 6:14

Chronicle 3: The Transmigration
CD2-1Aquatic Race 6:46
CD2-2The Dream Dissolves 6:11
CD2-3Deathcry Of A Race 4:43
CD2-4Into The Ocean 4:53

Chronicle 4: The Rebirth
CD2-5 Bay Of Dreams 4:24
CD2-6 Planet Y Is Alive! 6:02
CD2-7 The Source Will Flow 4:13
CD2-8 Journey To Forever 3:19
CD2-9 The Human Compulsion 2:15
CD2-10 March Of The Machines 1:40

Chronicles 1 & 2: Instrumental
CD3-1 The Day That The World Breaks Down (Instrumental)12:32
CD3-2 Sea Of Machines (Instrumental) 5:08
CD3-3 Everybody Dies (Instrumental) 4:42
CD3-4 Star Of Sirrah (Instrumental) 7:03
CD3-5 All That Was (Instrumental) 3:36
CD3-6 Run! Apocalypse! Run! (Instrumental) 4:52
CD3-7 Condemned To Live (Instrumental) 6:14

Chronicles 3 & 4: Instrumental
CD4-1 Aquatic Race (Instrumental) 6:46
CD4-2 The Dream Dissolves (Instrumental) 6:11
CD4-3 Deathcry Of A Race (Instrumental) 4:43
CD4-4 Into The Ocean (Instrumental) 4:53
CD4-5 Bay Of Dreams (Instrumental) 4:24
CD4-6 Planet Y Is Alive! (Instrumental) 6:02
CD4-7 The Source Will Flow (Instrumental) 4:13
CD4-8 Journey To Forever (Instrumental) 3:19
CD4-9 The Human Compulsion (Instrumental) 2:15
CD4-10 March Of The Machines (Instrumental) 1:40

Line Up:
Cello – Maaike Peterse
Choir – Jan Willem Ketelaers, Lisette van den Berg, Will Shaw, Wilmer Waarbroek
Drums – Ed Warby
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Organ [Hammond], Strings [Solina Strings], Instruments [All Other Instruments] – Arjen Lucassen*
Grand Piano, Electric Piano – Joost van den Broek
Lead Guitar – Guthrie Govan, Marcel Coenen, Paul Gilbert
Lyrics By [TH-1], Music By [Melodies, TH-1] – Arjen Lucassen*, Michael Mills
Music By, Lyrics By – A. A. Lucassen*
Synthesizer – Mark Kelly
Violin – Ben Mathot
Vocals – Floor Jansen, Hansi Kürsch, James LaBrie, Michael Eriksen, Michael Mills, Nils K. Rue, Russell Allen, Simone Simons, Thomas Giles Rogers Jr., Tobias Sammet, Tommy Karevik, Zaher Zorgati
Wind [Wind Instruments] – Jeroen Goossens
Password: music

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