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Various Artists, 2009 ‎– Psych Bites (Australian Acid Freakrock 1967-1974 Volume 1)

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Style: Prog Related / Psychedelic Rock / Hard Rock
Country: Australia
Format: FLAC
Size:  460 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
1–Flake Under The Silent Tree
2–Doug Parkinson In Focus Then I Run
3–Barrie McCaskell* And Levi Smith Clefs* Love Like A Man
4–Pirana Here It Comes Again
5–Long GrassAnywhere You Wanna Go
6–Freshwater Satan's Woman
7–Ash Midnight Witch
8–Chook Cold Feet
9–Michael Turner In Session Patterns Of My Life
10–Dave Miller Set* No Need To Cry
11–Ticket Awake
12–Rashamra Antelope
13–Flake Breadalbane
14–Helium Don't Think Twice
15–Isherwood Willy The Weeper
16–Healing Force The Gully
17–Headband Stay With Me
18–Ash  Warrant
19–Chook Tables Turn
20–Doug Parkinson In Focus Purple Curtains
Password: music

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