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Tomas Bodin, 2005 - I A M

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Style: Symphonic Prog
Country: Sweden
Format: FLAC
Size: 440 Mb

Artwork Included
Track Listings:
1. I (23:12) - The Beginning, Wheel Spinner, Day By Day, Mother’s Heart, Speeder, They’ll Fight
For Me!, Fighters, War Is Over, Aftermath, The Angel Of Dreams, The Awakening
2. A (21:28) - Take Me Home, The Tree Of Knowledge, The Path Of Decision I, The Prayer, The Path
Of Decision II, Close The Deal, The Path Of Decision III, The Tube Of Reverse
3. M (18:43) - In The Land Of Retrospect "Why/7 Days At Kingdom’s Inn", Voice Macabre, Dance
Macabre, The Halls Of Future, The Path Of Light I, The Path Of Light II

- Tomas Bodin / keyboards
- Jonas Reingold / bass
- Marcus Liliequist / drums
- Jocke JJ Marsh / guitars
- Anders Jansson / vocals
- Pernilla Bodin / vocals
- Helene Schönning / vocals
Password: music

The Main Link - Turbobit
Link 1 - Hitfile
Link 2 - Wayupload

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