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Regal Worm, 2013 - Use And Ornament

Добавил vp_1974 16.11.2022 в 09:39
Style: Crossover Prog
Country: United Kingdom
Format: FLAC
Size: 351 Mb
1. Zinc Ferment. 1:32
2. Cherish That Rubber Rodent. 4:00
3. The Mardi Gras Turned Ugly In Seconds. 4:31
4. Apple Witch. 4:05
5. Morning Sentinel. 2:31
6. Confession From A Deep And Warm Hibernaculum. 13:18
i. Running, Hopping, Leaping 
ii. Nimbostratus
iii. Sword Blades
iv. Time And Circumstance (One Second Either Way)
7. Mud. 1:24
8. 6:17PM The Aunt Turns Into An Ant. 26:11
i. Crunch time. Tea waste. Flagstone desert.
ii. Narration #1
iii. Six feet and under the table. Approaching terror.
iv. Beset by centipedes. The well-timed rescue.
v. Narration #2
vi. Acceptance into the colony, on condition that eighteen score and ten aphids are ritually sacrificed. Refusal and escape.
vii. Flagstone dessert (with cake crumbs). Ant alone.
viii. Narration #3
ix. My name is Silvius. Ant elopes. From ants to blackbirds and beyond.
x. Each its hour.
9. Klara Till Slutet (Main Title Theme). 3:17
Total Time: 60:51
Jarrod Gosling: Mellotron, various analogue synthesizers, Hammond organs, Leslie speaker, Jarlsberg organ, Philips Philicorda, Rhodes electric piano, various keyboards, bass guitars, electric and acoustic guitars, Rogers drums, percussion, voice, bowed saw, glockenspiels, visuals, accordion, recorder, whistles, stylophone, mouth organ, home made stuff, direction, effects.
Mick Somerset-Ward: tenor and alto saxophones, alto and C flutes, whistles, clarinet, bass clarinet, Jew's harp, shruti box, Maestro effects unit, voice, words.
Peter Rophone: voice.
Louis Atkinson: tenor and soprano saxophones.
Kevin Pearce: voice.
Lucy Fawcett: trumpet.
Richard Bradley: EMS Synthi AKS, flexitone, vibraslap.
Nick Gosling: electric guitar.
Graham McElearney: harp.
Lucy Hope: voice.
Jack Helliwell: violin
Password: music

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