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Perth County Conspiracy, 1970 - Does Not Exist

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Style: Psychedelic Rock
Country: Canada
Format: FLAC
Size: 268 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
A1 Midnight Hour (6:37)
A1a You've Got To Know
A1b Love To Make
A1c You've Got To Know (Reprise)
A2 Epistle To The Borderliner 2:01
A3 Easy Rider (4:42)
A3a Easy Rider
A3b Americanadian Way Truth And Fantasy (5:43)
A4a Truth And Fantasy
A4b Come To The Edge
A4c Fantasia
A4d Truth And Fantasy (Reprise)
A5 Don't You Feel Fine 2:40
A6 You Have The Power 4:45
B1 Keeper Of The Key 3:16
B2 Lady Of The Country 3:27
B3 Listen To The Kids 2:59
B4 Trouble On The Farm 2:16
B5 Excerpt From "As You Like It" 1:23
B6 The Dancer 5:36
B7 Crucifixation Cartoon 6:21

Line Up:
Bob Burchill,
Cedric Smith,
Dorit Learned,
Paul Gellman,
Richard Keelan

Password: music

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Link 2 - Hitfile

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