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Panzerpappa, 2004 - Farling Vandring

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Style: Prog Rock / RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: Norway
Format: FLAC
Size: 311 mb

Artwork Included

1. Farlig Vandring (Pa Tynt Vann)  / Harzardous Hiking, on Thin Water. 8:33
2. Ellipsoidisk Karusell / Ellipsoidic Merry-go-round. 10:41
3. Utrygge Trofler / Troubling Truffles. 7:05
4. Agraphia. 6:55
5. Sykkelgnomflaten / The Bicycle Gnome Bug. 6:55
6. Ompapaomompapa / Uhmpahpahuhmuhmpahpah. 9:42

Total Time: 49:51

Steinar Borve: saxophones, keyboards
Trond Gjellum: drumkit, acoustic & electric percussion, balaphone, Glockenspiel, metalophone, sampler, trondofon, melodica
Anders Krabberod: electric 5 strings bass guitar, electric 4 string fretless bass guitar, Chapman stick, Additional keyboards
Jarle Storlokken: electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, accordion

Album Preview:
I was introduced to Panzerpappa in 2005 when a friend lend me this album. At the time I still haven't started to appreciate the RIO/Avant-Prog genre all that much. Still, I gave the album a spin.
The music I experienced on Farlig Vandring sounded nothing like I've heard before. There were a few similarities to the early Henry Cow music thanks to the prominent sound of saxophones that made the performances sound slightly jazz-oriented in tone although the music structures themselves were far from any jazz recording that I've experienced to that point.
After returning the CD to my friend I haven't really given Panzerpappa much thought until last year when I rediscovered the band's music through their album Koralrevens Klagesang on Spotify. Since I was really into the band Miriodor at the time it made me want to seek out Farlig Vandring and give it a proper chance. I must have given up all hope of finding this album until I, by complete accident, stumbled upon a used copy of it in one of the down town record stores.
It's safe to say that the music I heard this time around sounded nothing like the Panzerpappa I heard back in 2005! This compositions felt much better structured then I originally gave them credit for and the saxophone sound felt a whole lot more enjoyable. I was especially taken by the two 10 minute compositions Ellipsoidisk Karusell and Ompapaomompapa that have the energetic feel that I usually associate with Univers Zero's compositions like Docteur Petiot and Dense. Simply put; some of the best RIO/Avant-Prog music that I've had the pleasure of hearing!
It's actually a pity that non of the shorter compositions can compete with those two magnificent performances since I really feel that Farlig Vandring comes close to an essential piece of Progressive Rock music but doesn't really break through that barrier. Hence a rating of excellent addition to any prog rock music collection is in order here.

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