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Motoi Sakuraba, 2009 - Star Ocean: The Last Hope (3CD)

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Style: Modern Classical / Progressive Electronic / Symphonic Prog
Country: Japan
Format: mp3 / 320 kbps
Size:  491 Mb

CD1-1 Ruin And Creation 3:21
CD1-2 Cosmic Voyagers 3:07
CD1-3 A Place For Reflection 3:25
CD1-4 The Bunny Hop 2:49
CD1-5 Ladies And Gentlemen 1:34
CD1-6 Silk Road In The Sky I 3:42
CD1-7 Silk Road In The Sky II 3:58
CD1-8 Magnificent Creation 3:12
CD1-9 Memories In The Earth 3:01
CD1-10 Dreams Frozen In Amber 3:11
CD1-11 Yin And Yang 3:34
CD1-12 Tears In The Sun Make A Rainbow 3:32
CD1-13 Whistle On The Wind (Solo I) 1:08
CD1-14 Blood On The Keys 3:31
CD1-15 The Eleventh Hour 3:16
CD1-16 The Incarnation Of Devil (Next-Gen Remix) 3:37
CD1-17 Seeker 3:13
CD1-18 Peace Of Mind 3:55
CD1-19 Skyward Bound 3:55
CD1-20 Awakening 3:12 CD1-21 Shotgun Formation 3:12
CD1-22 Nascent Pulse 3:08
CD1-23 Night Of The Chase 3:28
CD2-1 Ruin And Creation (Monologue Mix) 3:55
CD2-2 Good Morning, Miss Vineyard 1:34
CD2-3 Walking On Air 2:58
CD2-4 Whistle On The Wind (Solo II) 1:05
CD2-5 Next Stop: Nowhere 4:00
CD2-6 State Of Emergency 2:28
CD2-7 Wild Fight, No End In Sight 2:33
CD2-8 Harlequin's Slumber 3:42
CD2-9 Welcome To The Darkness 3:16
CD2-10 Past Days (Fantasy Remix) 3:05
CD2-11 Innocence (Cheerful Remix) 2:45
CD2-12 Refinement (Elegant Remix) 3:03
CD2-13 Sunny Place (Gallant Remix) 2:46
CD2-14 DIM (Band Remix) 3:13 CD2-15 Purge Thyself (Imperial Voices Remix) 2:31
CD2-16 For Achieve (Brass Remix) 3:16
CD2-17 Arrhythmia 2:45
CD2-18 Event Horizon 3:11
CD2-19 Like The Wind 3:15
CD2-20 Chains Of Explosions 3:27
CD2-21 Cimmerian Halls 3:31
CD2-22 I Do, Therefore I Am 3:53
CD2-23 Roles To Play 2:30
CD2-24 Sacrificial Lamb 1:36
CD3-1 Cosmic Voyagers (Peace & Love Mix) 2:34
CD3-2 Momentary Reprieve 0:14
CD3-3 Whistle On The Wind (Tearful Mix) 2:40
CD3-4 Expectations For The Future 3:53
CD3-5 The Silver Lining 3:02
CD3-6 Comeback Victory 3:14
CD3-7 Brilliant Rose 3:27
CD3-8 Symmetry 2:49
CD3-9 Stab The Sword Of Justice (Heroic Remix) 3:17
CD3-10 Dark Heart, Dark Mind 2:50
CD3-11 Shattered Dreams 3:16
CD3-12 Apocalypse 1:53
CD3-13 Don't Be A Hero 3:11
CD3-14 Black Chaos 3:41
CD3-15 Universal Dilemma 3:12
CD3-16 Hour Of Judgement 2:40
CD3-17 Maelstrom's Clutches 4:29
CD3-18 Golden Goal 0:54
CD3-19 Consolation Prize 1:33
CD3-20 Start Your Engines 3:06
CD3-21 Eureka! 2:48
CD3-22 Scientist's High 2:35
CD3-23 Cosmic Voyagers (Spring Wind Mix) 3:11
CD3-24 Worlds Yet Unexplored 7:22  
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