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Moraine, 2014 - Groundswell

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Style: Eclectic Prog / Fusion
Country: United States
Format: FLAC, tracks (no .log, no .cue)
Size: 353 Mb

1. Mustardseed. 3:10
2. Skein. 3:51
3. Fountain Of Euthanasia. 3:25
4. Gnashville. 4:11
5. In That Distant Place. 6:19
6. Synecdoche. 3:52
7. The Earth Is An Atom. 5:12
8. Waylaid. 7:20
9. Spiritual Gatecrasher. 7:17
10. The Okanogan Lobe. 7:40

Total Time: 52:22

DENNIS REA: guitar, electronic interventions, Mellotron 
ALICIA DeJOIE: electric violin
JAMES DeJOIE: baritone sax, flute, effects
KEVIN MILLARD: stick bass
TOM ZGONC: drums

Produced by Moraine & Steve Fisk
Mixed by Steve Fisk
Recorded in Seattle, November 2013

released 29 August 2014

Moraine's long-anticipated third CD for MoonJune Records, Groundswell, marks a major step forwardfor the shape-shifting Seattle-based instrumental juggernaut. Engineered by legendary Pacific Northwest producer Steve Fisk, Groundswell is the first Moraine release to fully exploit the creative possibilities of the recording studio, resulting in a dramatic sonic experience with plenty of surprises. Consisting largely of previously unreleased material, including pieces written for the Moraine by composers Daniel Barry and Jon Davis, Groundswell is certain to cement the band’s standing as a singular voice like no other in the progressive jazz-rock continuum. Led by seasoned guitarist Dennis Rea and featuring ace instrumentalists Alicia DeJoie (violin), James DeJoie (woodwinds), Kevin Millard (bass), and new drummer Tom Zgonc, Moraine quickly built a reputation as one of the most original instrumental rock bands anywhere, winning over listeners around the globe with its unique amalgam of art rock, forward-thinking jazz, Asian-inspired music, and more. With a distinctive repertoire balancing rigorously composed passages with exploratory improvisation, Moraine has captivated audiences with memorable performances at most of North America’s major progressive-rock showcases, including NEARfest and Baja Prog. The band’s previous releases for MoonJune Records, manifest deNsity and Metamorphic Rock, garnered hundreds of glowing reviews worldwide and earned the band a diverse following ranging from jazz aficionados to metalheads to 
world-music enthusiasts.

Источник (релизер): bandcampe.com / MoonJune Records /// https://moonjunerecords.bandcamp.com/album/groundswell

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