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McGill - Michael Manring - Vic Stevens, 2002 - Controlled by Radar

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Style: Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Prog Rock
Country: United States / Canada
Format: MP3/ CBR, 320 kbps
Size: 261 Mb

1. Umkhonto We Sizwe. 2:41
2. Argentine Scalp Massage. 5:22
3. (In Walked) Bogus Boy. 4:00
4. Have Sex Get Paid - Part II. 6:10
5. Cortex of Desire. 4:47
6. Lumumba. 3:58
7. Cash From Chaos. 5:03
8. I Am Totally Controlled By Radar. 9:40
9. Puff Johnson. 6:05
10. Babbar Khalsa. 2:41
11. Cryptology. 6:48
12. F.E.S. 3:52
13. A Darkness Fell Upon Us. 3:45
14. Chicago Hot Plate. 4:28
15. Madinat Ash Shab. 4:44
16. He Is Invisible He Cannot Be Seen. 14:50
17. Hyacinth. 3:37
18. Lucious En Fuego. 3:19
19. Matrix. 2:58
20. Montana Realty Company. 3:51
21. A Winter's Tale. 7:09
22. Seven Are Her Sisters. 4:36

Total Time: 114:24

Scott McGill: Guitar
Michael Manring: bass
Vic Stevens: drums

Review Album:
This album was very difficult to find here,couse this souds is not very well accept but fortunely i gotta lucky to buy it and listen very carefuly.Well i have the other album and i think a great album,but this it's very good too the compositions get more deepness and sometimes looks like asian music,but so elegant and complex too.It doesn't mean that there is no heavy or break rhythm,absolutely not,this album it's strong too.Sorrow this trio made only these albums,but i hope that's my wrong and sudden i find another album from this amazing and highly recomemded trio.

McGill Manring Stevens biography:
After finding themselves working on many of the same festivals and recording sessions, guitarist wizard Scott McGill (FINNEUS GAUGE, HANDFARM), joined forces with monster bassist Michael Manring (ATTENTION DEFICIT) and drummer-percussionist Vic Stevens (ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, GONGZILLA, MISTAKEN IDENTIFIES). They released three albums, the first of which features keyboardist Jordan Rudess (DREAM THEATER, LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT) quite prominently. As you can expect, their music is a complex mix of heavy fusion and jazzy melodies driven by the energy of pure rock.
"Addition by Subtraction", released in 2001 and produced by Grammy-award winner Neil Kernon, sounds like a collection of improvisations although less than half of the tracks actually are so. It offers some jaw-dropping display of technical virtuosity laced with hooks, melodies and odd-time signatures that will no doubt make the delight of any Allan Holdsworth fan. The result of a six-day jam session, the following and extremely bizarre album "Controlled by Radar" (2002) is a two-cd set showcasing the trio's electric or aggressive side (cd 1 titled "Right Brain") and an all-acoustic or laid-back side (cd 2 titled "Left Brain"). A third double CD set "What We Do" is a live recording of largely standards'. The listener is thus treated to a whole gamut of styles, from heavy electric jazz rock ala MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA and BRAND X to the acoustic world fusion of SHAKTI and OREGON; the acoustic works of John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola or Paco DeLucia also come to mind on the second cd. The album was recorded on a 24 bit/96khz recording system with minimal overdubs, and producer Kernon created an outstanding sonic blockbuster that will test any sound system.
The trio have also contributed to A TRIGGERING MYTH's album "The Remedy For Abstraction", following on from an earlier contribution MCGILL and STEVENS made to A TRIGGERING MYTH album "Forgiving Eden".
This trio is a fusion geek's dream come true. If you fancy an adventurous brew of rock, free jazz improv with supple rhythmic structures and terrifyingly complex patterns, sample their audio clips on their website.

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