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Last Knight, 2019 - Seven Deadly Sins

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Style: Symphonic Prog
Country: Multinational 
Format: mp3-320 kbps
Size: 156 Mb 

1.Lust (11:12)
Episode I: Overture
Episode II: Descent to Hell
Episode III: The Lustful
Episode IV: Craving Pleasure
Episode V: Between Love and Lust
2.Gluttony (4:26)
3.Greed (9:04)
4.Sloth (11:23)
Episode I: Sodom's Son
Episode II: Sinfonietta of Laziness
Episode III: Watcher of the Wind
Episode IV: The Boundaries of Apathy
5.Anger (7:00)
6.Envy (12:03)
Episode I: Against All Generosity
Episode II: The Principles of Envy (I)
Episode III: The She-Wolf
Episode IV: The Man Who Wanted To Be
Episode V: Crossing the Styx Lagoon
Episode VI: The Principles of Envy (II)
Episode VII: The Abode of Inner Suffering
7. Pride (14:15)

Total Time: 65:35

Jose Manuel Medina (Mandalaband): Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, & Orchestrations
Pablo Lato: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Backing vocals & Percussion
John Mitchell (Arena, Frost, It Bites, Lonely Robot): Main Vocals
Richie Castellano (Blue Oyster Cult): Main Vocals
Gustavo Lato: Main Vocals, Backing Vocals & Electric Guitar
Theo Travis (Gong, No-Man, Steven Wilson, The Tangent): Tenor Sax & Flute
Eduardo G. Saluena: Keyboards & Grand Piano
Cindy L. Spear: Lyricist
Nelson Pombal: Electric Guitars
Rafael Pacha: Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars & Flutes
Emilio Gutierrez: Piano & Hammond B3
Jose Bruno: Drums
Fernando Samalea: Drums
Israel Sanchez: Drums
Angel Ruiz: Pedal Steel Guitar
Ana Fernandez: Violin
Ignacio Alonso: Cello

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