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Ketil Bjørnstad, 2004 ‎– Seafarer's Song

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Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Norway
Format: FLAC
Size: 404 Mb
Track Listings:
1. Seafarer's song
2. He struggled to the surface
3. Dying too get to Europe
4. Orion
5. Tidal Wawes
6. How sweet the moonlight sleepes upon this bank
7. Navigator
8. Ung forelsket kvinne
9. The beach
10. Her voice
11. Dreaming of the north
12. I had been hungry, all the years
13. The exile's line
14. When the police came they also hit me
15. Refugees at the rich man's gate
16. I many times thought peace had come
17. The night is darkening round me
Ketil Bjornstad / Piano, Keyboards
Kristin Asbjornsen / Vocals
Per Lindvall / Drums
Bjorn Kjellemyr / Bass
Svante Henryson / Cello
Eivind Aarset / Guitar
Nils Petter Molvaer / Trumpet
Music by Ketil Bjornstad, arrangements by the group.
Words by Homer/E.V.Rieu, Ketil Bjornstad after Rory Carroll and Giles Tremlett, Helen Hunt Jackson, William Shakespeare, Stein Mehren, Oscar Wilde, Emily Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling and Emily Jane Bronte.
Password: music

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