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Juha Kujanpaa, 2013 - Kivenpyorittaja / Tales and Travels

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Style: Chamber Rock / Contemporary Folk / Progressive Rock
Country: Finland
Format: FLAC
Size: 390 mb

Artwork Included
1. Matkamusiikki / Tales and Travels. 8:02
2. Kivenpyorittaja / Boulder Dash. 6:12
3. Suomenmaa / Samba da Finlandia. 6:07
4. Haapolska / Wedding Polska. 4:54
5. Arkipaivan ylistys / Ode to Everyday. 4:08
6. Different Polska. 5:56
7. Islannin vesi / Iceland Water. 6:20
8. Kaukametsa / Far Forest. 4:53
9. Heinakuun yot / Nights of July. 5:17
10. Kaukametsa / Far Forest (reprise). 2:48
Total Time: 54:43
Juha Kujanpaa: keyboards
Timo Kamarainen: guitar, mandolin
Tero Tuovinen: bass
Jussi Miettola: drums
Tommi Asplund: violin
Kukka Lehto: violin
Esko Jarvela: violin
Vesa Norilo: cello
Henri Haapakoski: flute, sax
Sami Kurppa: clarinet
Panu Sivonen: oboe, english horn
Henrik Sandas: bandoneon
Teija Niku: accordeon
Verneri Pohjola: trumpet
Markus Jaatinen: percussion
Composed and arranged by Juha Kujanpaa
released 08 November 2013 
Eclipse Music
By Tapio Y. On October 7, 2013
The name Juha Kujanpaa may not be familiar to you, but he s a versatile composer and musician living in Helsinki, Finland. He is particulary interested in the area between folk and jazz music. Besides composing music for his own ensembles, Kujanpaa also makes music for movies, documentary films and theatre productions. He is working also as a performing musician, playing the piano, reed organ and other keyboard instruments. Some of his most active bands at the moment are Karuna (a trio playing new Scandinavian folk music) and Kirjava lintu (new acoustic folk music composed to Finnish poetry).
After working in bands for many years he is finally coming out on his own name with a brilliant album "Kivenpyorittaja (Tales and Travels) in the style of Pekka Pohjola and Anssi Tikanmaki. Even Jethro Tull or early Genesis are musically not too far off from this fusion of prog rock, jazz and traditional Finnish folk music.
Working together with top musicians such as guitar wonder Timo Kamarainen this is a great addition to Finland’s proud heritage in the field of prog rock and folk music.
Password: music

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