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iNFiNiEN, 2016 - Light at the Endless Tunnel

Добавил санди 01.10.2023 в 14:55
Style: Eclectic Prog
Country: United States
Format: FLAC
Size: 393 Mb

Track Listings:
1.Brand New (5:48)
2.AYA (6:47)
3.Oasis (3:01)
4.Off the Tracks (7:41)
5.Bottom of the Food Chain (5:57)
6.Light at the Endless Tunnel (9:17)
7.Love for Yourself (6:11)
8.Worth the Wait (2:48)
9.If I Were a Song (1:39)
10.If You Were a Song (7:50)
11.Existence (4:47)

Jordan Berger/ electric and upright bass, background vocals, additional percussion
Tom Cullen/ drums and percussion
Matt Hollenberg/ guitars, bulbul tarang, tabla, Moog Minitaur
Chrissie Loftus/ vocals, piano, keyboards, organ, additional percussion

iNFiNiEN Chamber Orchestra:
Mark Allen/ flute, clarinet
Jordan Berger/ double-bass
Mary Bryson/ harp
Monique Canniere/ violins
Maura Dwyer/ violin, cello
Gloria Galante/ harp
Christen Hooks/ viola
Andriana Markano/ viola, violin
Ben Mulholland/ French horn
Bob Quaile/ oboe
Rebecca Schlappich/ violins
Andrea Weber/ cello
Password: music

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Link 2 - Hitfile

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