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French TV, 2004 - Pardon Our French!

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: United States
Format: FLAC
Size: 350 Mb

1. Everything Works in Mexico. 11:56
2. Sekala Dan Niskala. 6:20
3. Pardon Our French (Medley). 16:59
    I. La Bataille Du Sucre (ANGE)
    II. Tired Answers (PULSAR)
    III. Laocksetal (SHYLOCK)
    IV. Publiphobie (CARPE DIEM)
    V. Laocksetal (SHYLOCK)
    VI. Tunnel Pt. 2 (ATOLL)
    VII. Publiphobie (CARPE DIEM)
    VIII. Yvett's Blouse (ETRON FOU LELOUBAN)
4. Tears of a Velvet Clown. 13:17
5. When the Ruff Tuff Creampufss Take Over. 11:41

Total Time: 60:12

Chris Smith: electric, banjo, acoustic and classical guitars, viola, cello, mandolin & electric violin
Mike Sary: bass
Warren Dale: keyboards, accordian, piano, marimba, samples, flutes, recorders, harmonica, tuba, saxes, bass clarinet & melodica
Jeff Gard: drums & percussion
Guest musicians:
Richard Adrian Steiger: tabla, percussion, dumbek, riq [2]
Will Stewart: trumpet [4]
Pam Thompson: tuba, euphonium & trombone [4]
Howie Gano: piano, string synths [3]
Stephanie Dale: piccolo [4]
Natalie Nichole Gilbert: lead vocals [3]
Steven Dale: trumpet, piccolo & flugelhorn [1, 4]
Denise Gilbert: spoken vocals [3]
Password: music

The Main Link - Turbobit
Link 1 - Hitfile
Link 2 - Hitfile

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