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Eclosion, 2015 – Eclosion

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Style: Psychedelic Rock / Folk Rock
Country: France
Format: mp3 / 320 kbps
Size: 98 Mb

Tracks Listing
A1 Eclosion 3:10
A2 Inondation 8:18
A3 L'amante Religieuse 4:03
A4 Varanacide 2:12
A5 Phonèmes 2:10
B1 Devi Touch 4:49
B2 Eclosion 2 3:50
B3 Crève Salope 8:58
B4 Snake Dance 1:36
B5 Sombre Dans L'infini 1:45

Line Up:
Voice [Rires = Laughter] – Joë Faré (tracks: A5)
Voice, Electric Guitar, Concert Flute [Transverse Flute] – Marc Blanc
Voice, Percussion [Charleston Pedal], Goblet Drum [Darbouka], Artwork [Collage By] – Léon Cobra
Voice, Twelve-String Guitar, Tambourine, Harmonica – Bernard Stisi

Recorded in analog in autumn 1972 on a Revox tape recorder and a Semprini Echo Chamber, this recording is released here for the first time in 2015.
The record numbered at 1000 copies only is a blue vinyl in a gatefold cover.
Included is an illustrated card of a collage by Léon Cobra, as well as an anniversary edition of the magazine Le Tréponeme Bleu Pale, 40 years after its creation.
Password: music

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