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Company Caine, 1971 - A Product Of A Broken Reality

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Style: Prog Rock, Psychedelic Blues
Country: Australia
Format: MP3 VBR~310 kbps
Size: 140 Mb

Track Listings:

01 “Symptoms” (Smith-Noone-Smith)
02 “Trixie Stonewall’s Wayward Home” (Smith-Noone-Smith)
03 “The Cell”* (Noone-Smith)
04 “Theme for Vishdungarius”* (Noone)
05 “Woman With Reason” (G.Smith-R.Smith)
06 “Simple Song of Spring” (Smith-Noone-Smith)
07 “The Day Superman got Busted” (Smith-Hudson-Cain-Noone-Smith)
08 “It’s Up to You” (Smith-Noone-Smith)
09 “Go See the Gypsy” (Smith-Smith)
10 “The Last Scene“ (Noone-Smith)
11 - Now I'm Together (Noone-Smith)
12 - Dear Carolyn (Noone-Smith)

Line Up:
Gulliver Smith – vocals, lyrics and babbling insanities
Jerry Noone – acoustic and electric saxophone, piano, Hammond organ, celeste and boyish enthusiasm
Russsel Smith – acoustic and electric guitars, vocals and nervous itch
Ian Mawson – Fender piano, hammond organ and plastic straw
Arthur Eizenburg – bass and how much is that?
John McInernery – drums, conga and charm
Special thanks to:
Danny Robinson on “The Cell”, “Woman With Reason”, “Trixie” and “Symptoms”
Steve Dunstan for the computer music and laughter
John Lee for bass clarinet on “The Cell”
The Winlaton Girls Choir on “Trixie”
Roger The Roadie

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