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Brieg Guerveno, 2014 - Ar Bed Kloz

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Style: Progressive Rock
Country: France
Format: FLAC, tracks (no .log, no .cue)
Size: 352 Mb

1. Ar bed kloz. 7:34
2. Al liver. 5:31
3. Traon an hent. 4:25
4. Dianket. 4:03
5. skornet. 5:08
6. Divent. 4:21
7. den ne oar. 7:48
8. Ar spilhenn. 3:25
9. Bev out atav. 5:35
10. Dor 911. 6:16

Total Time: 54:11

released 05 April 2014

Brieg Guerveno is unable to make a choice. Actually, he doesn't really want to make a choice. Brieg does not strive to classify things as  being either shadow or light, the living force of tradition or the obvious modern times.  This is the feeling you get when you listen to Ar bed Kloz, the second album he composes in his own name. A record sung in Breton, as much under the influence of the progressive rock of the seventies as under those darker influences he unearthed as a teenager, those that provide the substance of the lyrics to these ten songs. Ar bed Kloz is the proof that there is such a thing as modern Breton music, and that it does thrive on outside influences, rather than try to repress them (there are many guests stars involved in this album: Yann Le Corre, Yoann an Nedeleg, Etienne Tabourier). Brieg has the courage to take on the past respectfully, and the future with an arctic, somewhat melancholy joy. Ar Bed Kloz is a unique album, the work of a dedicated rock-loving perfectionist opening up a hitherto unknown path to Breton music. 

Источник (релизер): bandcamp.com

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