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Banda Elastica, 1986 - Banda Elastica 2

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Style: RIO / Avant-Prog
Country: Mexico
Format: FLAC
Size: 232 Mb

1. Cine Negro. 10:01
2. Como Esquizoides. 4:03
3. Recomenzando. 3:42
4. Infantes Terribles. 5:49
5. Perversos Polimorfos. 9:20
6. Espejismo. 5:34
7. Alto A La Caceria. 3:51
8. Pavor Real. 4:14
9. Pesadilla. 3:52
10. Derrumbes En Almibar. 4:17
11. Mambop. 2:42

Total Time: 57:22


Guillermo Gonzalez: guitar
Zozimo Hernandez: electric bass, contrabass
Rodolfo Nava: drums, percussion
Jose Navarro: marimbas, teponaztles, percussion
Guillermo Portillo: flute, saxophone Alto
Jose Luis Romero: saxophone Alto, Tenor baritone, bass clarinet
Rosino Seranno: synthesizer

Lucio Sanchez: bass (4)

Review Album:
I'm admittedly no fan of, let alone an expert for RIO or Avant-Prog but this album here contains exactly the right food for my ears which are used to a wide range of sounds I can say despite all humility. The spare sources in the net with informations about this exceptional Mexican band and their biography here are saying that their music has similarities to the one of HENRY COW. I tried to enjoy already as well H.C. some time ago but found them quite hard to digest compared to B.E. I've to say. They might have been used as a reference since they were one of the few bands that were using wind instruments in such kind of jazz-fusion/RIO blend. Anyway in a sub-genre like RIO/Avant-Prog gathering bands whose main features are uniqueness and polarisation it's supposed to be quite difficult to draw any comparisons. Of course enjoyment of music and taste preference always has to be a very personal thing and thus perception of a certain kind of music can differ a lot between people. So if anyone would ask me how B.E. sounds alike and which band they could be compared with I frankly could not tell any. I just can speak for myself in saying that usually I'm not a great fan of extreme oddity and dissonance but I recently started to enjoy more and more unique and adventurous artists like FRENCH TV, TAAL or HOYRY-KONE. This doesn't mean that B.E. is sounding similar to any of them but all of those bands might have in common that their music was able to appeal to me right from the very first listen which is not really a typical feature for that sub-genre.

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