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Babaouo, 1985 - The Journey Through The Sea And The Sky

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Style:  Psychedelic Rock
Country: Japan
Format: mp3 / 320 kbps
Size: 131 Mb

Artwork Included

Tracks Listing:
A1 クリスタ (Krista) 3:31
A2 ヴァイキング (Vikings) 4:32
A3 白鯨 (Cetus Albus (Return of Moby-Dick)) 3:12
A4 ナイト・セイリング (Night Sailing) 3:20
A5 海の物語 (Eine Sage) 7:50
A6 海で… (Au Milieu de la Mer) 2:42
B1 イオス (Eos) 5:03
B2 ナスカ平原の彼方 (Mas Alla del Llano de Nasca) 4:10
B3 白い舞 (Shiroi Mai) 2:42
B4 クワント・ティエンボ・シン・ベルレ (Cuanto Tiempo sin Verle) 3:06
B5 星月夜の子守唄 (A Lullaby for a Starlight Night)
B6 空の静寂の時 (For a Moment of Silence in the Sky) 5:03

Line Up:
吉川邦夫 - vocals, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, clarinet, percussion, engineer, producer, lyricist, composer
堀内智 - vocals, bass, keyboards, engineer, composer
Ryusuke Nozawa - guitar, bass, keyboards, composer
中村文 - keyboards, composer
Satoshi Imai - keyboards
Kayoko "Sakura" Ogawa - flute, koto, keyboards, vocals
Kyoko Totsuka - saxophone, vocal, keyboards, lyricist
Satoko Tobise - saxophone, keyboards, vocals
Koji Nagano - trumpet, acoustic guitar
Kazuhide Tanaka - vocals, trombone
Takahiko Sekiguchi - vocals, artwork
Minori Muramatsu - violin

Password: music

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